Why Do Liberals Fear the Truth?

None of these people exist.

In a recent discussion about millenials, I was surprised to see how many open liberals came out of the woodwork, proclaiming that all of the safe-space demanding, free-speech denying, trigger-warning demanding progressive nonsense that we see on college campuses across the country doesn’t really exist.  Not at all.  It’s just not real.

So I posted a long list of articles on the subject.  I think I gave up at about 30 articles but I could easily have gone further.  Stories from universities across the nation where this liberal bullshit is undeniably happening.  Nope.  It’s just a tiny minority that just doesn’t matter.  None of it is true.  It’s all right-wing rhetoric.

Okay, next I went with pictures.  Hundreds of young adults carrying signs demanding safe spaces and censorship of ideas that they didn’t like.  Photo after photo of crazy leftists doing everything that we’re criticizing in huge numbers.  The right wing can write articles, but I don’t think they’re out there Photoshopping hundreds of pictures.  Nope.  It isn’t real.  The pictures and the videos and everything else, it’s all part of a directed smear campaign against the left and they just won’t believe any of it no matter how much evidence gets presented.  In fact, none of it is even evidence because they’ve got their eyes clenched shut and their fingers in their ears, screaming “I don’t hear you!”

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Whether they like it or not, progressives have invaded college campuses and are making absurdly irrational demands that their feelings be protected and that they be safe from hearing anything that they disagree with.  Universities are supposed to be the place where all of your preconceived notions are challenged, where you learn to follow the evidence to a conclusion, not cook the evidence to support the conclusion you already have.  Yet that is exactly what these special little snowflakes want and a large portion of the liberal left refuse to acknowledge that they even exist.  Maybe they just can’t bring themselves to admit that a sizeable percentage of their side could be so stupid.  Maybe they actually agree with these immature idiots.  Regardless, to deny reality that is right before their eyes because they simply cannot deal with it, that puts them into religious fundamentalist territory.  It’s no different than the evangelicals who ignore all of the evidence for evolution because the Bible says otherwise. And those people are crazy.  How can we consider these self-imposed ignorant liberals any differently?

2 thoughts on “Why Do Liberals Fear the Truth?”

  1. It is willful ignorance based on tribalism. They want to deny that major problems exist with "their side" of the aisle.

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