YouTube is Stupid

I’ve got a YouTube channel and I usually have no problems there.  Oh sure, I get plenty of fake copyright notices from people who have no clue what fair use is, but that’s just a cost of doing business there.  I dispute everyone and I win every dispute. It’s stupid but it certainly isn’t YouTube’s fault.

But this one is.  Earlier today, I got a big notice that I had received a strike on my account for a video I put up on how I make videos.  According to the strike, I was “encouraging illegal activity” because I had posted, in the description, a link to the Microsoft site where you could download *THEIR OWN FREE SOFTWARE*!  Yes, I link to Microsoft’s own free download page where Microsoft is offering free downloads of their own software, in this case their free video editor Movie Maker, and I get dinged by YouTube?

What the fuck?

Okay, yes, I’m disputing it and yes, I’ll win, but it isn’t like this is some automated content ID system that automatically scans the video for copyrighted material.  This is a video that went up months ago.  Someone actually had to look at the video and decide that somehow, Microsoft is pirating their own software and I’m engaged in encouraging this software piracy.  YouTube needs to hire smarter people.  If they can’t figure out that the links I provided were to official sites, most of them purchase links for the software I mentioned in the video, these people do not deserve to have jobs.

I really don’t mind that the video got taken down, it was just a throw-away helpful video and there are thousands of them on YouTube already.  I did it, not just to help others but to play around with some parts of the software I use and gain some skills. Had they asked me to take it down, I would have.  Had they done anything remotely useful like asked any questions, I would have answered, but no.  They leaped to one of the worst things they can do to a channel, issuing an official strike.

So now I have a strike sitting on my channel, at least until my appeal wends it’s way through the YouTube system, all because some idiot in a cubicle has no clue what the hell they’re doing.  Come on YouTube, you’re better than that!

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