Horror Show Sunday: Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Religious violence happens all over the place.  This case comes from Sweden, where a 54-year old gay man was found murdered in his apartment with a dead snake draped around his neck.  Fair warning, the news story is in Swedish, you’ll probably need to use Google Translate to understand it.  A 16-year old was arrested in the murder and a 19-year old was arrested as an accessory to the crime.

The two boys were immigrants from Morocco who had lived on the streets of several European cities.  They were Muslims who reportedly harbored a serious hated of homosexuality.  The dead man, who had been dressed in women’s clothing, apparently after death, was never interested in cross-dressing, according to his boyfriend.  Authorities believe he was dressed that way in an attempt to mock him.  Of course, the 16-year old changed his story many times over the course of the investigation. At first, he claimed innocence of the whole event.  Then, when his DNA was found by authorities on the dead snake, he admitted to the crime, including a severe beating of the dead man, but only in self-defense.  How the snake figures into the whole thing is unknown.

But what the police found was a video on the boy’s phone showing him shouting anti-gay sentiments over the body.  The two boys then ransacked the apartment and stole his property.  Now this could be seen as a crime of opportunity, with two boys killing and stealing from someone that became available to do so, if not for the religion angle and the anti-gay sentiments that the police recovered from the boy’s phone.  This is just one more example of the violence that has come to much of Europe, and especially to Sweden, as a result of the onslaught of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

Regardless, it’s hard to understand this kind of violence against gay people without religion. I’ve yet to see a non-religious person make a credible argument against homosexuality.  I fear that this will continue to be a central part of Horror Show Sunday, so long as the religious are terrified of gay people and that terror far too often turns to violence.


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