The Easiest Solution is Not the Best Solution

One thing that always drives me crazy about the left, and I don’t know that I can really lay this only on the left but this is where I see this problem most often, is that they just want to do something to solve a problem, even if it doesn’t actually solve the problem, just because they want to take some kind of action.  More often than not, I see them trying to address symptoms while entirely ignoring the core problem because they have no actual immediate solution to the core problem.

Sometimes, solving problems isn’t easy.  Or quick.

Take, for example, the recent shooting of a kid in Baltimore who was carrying a realistic-looking BB gun and got shot by police. Luckily, the kid survived, but the liberal argument here isn’t to stop kids from carrying guns, real or fake, in public, it isn’t to have parents take responsibility for the actions of their children, it isn’t for society to acknowledge personal responsibility for what they do, no, they want cops to be required to use non-lethal weapons so that stupid people don’t die as a consequence of their stupidity.  And when I pointed out that this was just a symptom of a larger systemic problem, they said that because there wasn’t an immediate answer that would solve the big problem in the very near term, that they were just going to ignore it and try to “fix” some of the smaller problems because doing something was better than not accomplishing anything.

Instead of pulling out the fire hose and taking on the forest fire that is casting embers everywhere, they’d rather grab a fire extinguisher and go after dozens of smaller fires because it’s faster and easier and they have no patience to work on the real issue at hand.  It lets them play the hero instead of acknowledging that the fundamental problem, a problem that took generations of liberal social poison to cause, is going to take generations of conservative teaching to fix.  Of course, they don’t want conservatism to be part of the solution so they pretend that liberalism wasn’t the cause and run around putting out small fires while standing in the path of a massive one.

This is the weapon Dedric Colvin was carrying when shot twice by police.

But this isn’t about a poor black kid getting shot because he was carrying a BB gun.  This is about the fundamental irresponsibility of parents not teaching their kid not to do that.  This is about the irresponsibility of parents giving their 14 year old child a gun, and this isn’t a toy, this is a weapon, intended for those over the age of 16, without any parental supervision. These parents are idiots, yet nobody on the left is blaming the parents, they’re blaming the cops for shooting someone who had a real-looking handgun in public.  They always blame the cops, even when the “victims” are always to blame for their own problems.  Asking people to act responsibly, that’s apparently a horrible thing in liberal-land.

So they just want to point fingers and blame others and make it safer for people to be stupid and irresponsible. Promoting responsibility isn’t on their radar, it isn’t part of their agenda, and so long as people continue to act increasingly irresponsible, these problems will continue to happen because the cause isn’t being addressed.  It’s being ignored by a generation with a ridiculously short attention span who can only think in terms of this week or this month, not five years or ten years or a generation in the future.  That’s why we’re in this mess and it’s only getting worse.

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