Will Christian Churches Perform Gay Weddings?

This is an interesting question that has come up recently and one that, depending on your view, you might have a very different take on.  Of course, since the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage across the United States, religious organizations have vocally condemned it because, according to their religious beliefs, gay marriage is a horrible and awful thing and they will never, ever, ever consent to such an evil thing. But will they eventually give up and start offering gay weddings?

I think they will, they said the exact same thing 50 years ago when interracial marriage became a big deal and today, almost without exception, they perform interracial marriages without batting an eye.  In fact, a lot of them pretend to have been early adopters of interracial marriage equality, even though we all know that they weren’t.  So will the same thing happen with gay marriage? I think it’s inevitable.

See, the reality that a lot of religious people don’t want to address is that most churches are in this for  the money and influence. It’s nice to think that they care about doctrinal purity but they really don’t.  The Catholic Church, for example, knows that without butts in pews every Sunday, they have no money coming into their coffers and with no ears listening to their sermons, they have no influence over the people.  When they start suffering losses, as they are right now, they start making changes. That’s where things like Vatican II came from, they were losing their cash cows and needed to adapt to changes in society. That’s why you saw churches getting rid of choirs and bringing in folk music.  That’s why you saw churches getting rid of Latin and bringing in English or Spanish or whatever other languages that their parishioners spoke.  As with any other business, it’s adapt or die and like it or not, religion is a business.  They have payroll to make, they have buildings to maintain and they have an infrastructure to pay for.  If they get to the point where they have bills to pay, they will make whatever changes they need to and justify those changes any way they can in order to make money.  Let’s not fool ourselves.

So how long will it take?  It’s already started.  There are plenty of Christian churches that already perform gay marriages, with more joining in every day.  A majority of Americans favor gay marriage whether the churches like it or not.  As we see more and more Americans flooding out of the churches, those churches are going to have to change their strategies in order to stay relevant and solvent.  In the end, they’ll have no choice.  Either give the people what they want or go the way of the dodo.  In either case, we win.

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