Muhammad Was a Pedophile?

This is something I see from atheists all the time and it drives me crazy.  But this is also a problem with the political left across the board as I’ve pointed out in the past and something that, sorry, just makes you look bad.

The reality is, at the time that Muhammad was around, marrying children was an accepted course of action.  It was something that everyone did.  It was normal for the time.  Regardless of what we might consider Muhammad today if he were to perform these actions in the modern world, he didn’t and it is utterly idiotic to assign modern views on non-modern times.

But isn’t that what happens all the time?  People, especially liberals but I guess all groups are guilty of it to a certain degree, saying that because we think a particular way today, that everyone always thought that way and we should hold everyone to those standards, even if they lived in a time when those standards were different?

I mean, look at slavery.  How many people on the left claim that slavery has always been wrong and will always be wrong because we think that slavery is wrong today?  I mean, look at the South, where liberals are demanding that Civil War leaders be removed from street signs, that their statues be dismantled and that schools named after them be renamed.  Of course, this leads to ridiculous situations where the former Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Austin Texas was voted to be renamed, among other things, “Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary,” “Politically Correct Elementary School #1,” and my personal favorite, “Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance.”  I mean, you people are idiots.  You cannot make the past magically disappear by trying to scrub all references to things you don’t like.  History is history and doesn’t go away, sorry to disappoint you.  What are you going to do when, in 50 or 100 years, people point back at your liberal views and call you a bunch of animals for believing such ridiculous things that don’t match with their “modern values”?

There are lots of perfectly legitimate things that you can point to and criticize Islam for, but saying that Muhammad was a pedophile when, at the time he was living, he wasn’t, is absurd.  It’s shooting for the lowest hanging fruit imaginable. Muhammad isn’t a pedophile.  He’s dead.  He can’t be much of anything because he’s rotted into compost by now.  Muhammad was acting in a perfectly acceptable fashion for the time in which he lived.  We now disagree.  Whatever.  Doesn’t change what was acceptable then, any more than what people think in another 100 years will change what we think today.  Stop going after low hanging fruit because it makes you look like an idiot.  You ought to be better than that.  At least give if a shot.

7 thoughts on “Muhammad Was a Pedophile?

  1. Low hanging fruit? Moe being a pedophile, and screwing 9 year old girls is PRICELESS!! Is-lame needs to redact a little crap from the big book of Muslim Bullshit.

  2. Muhammad was clearly not a pedophile. A pedophile is someone who exclusively or primarily derives sexual pleasure from children. Muhammad had multiple wives, only one of which was a <a > child, so clearly he was not a pedophile. But yes, it is true that he (according to the jihadists.

  3. "The reality is, at the time that Muhammad was around, marrying children was an accepted course of action. It was something that everyone did."

    That might be true, but there are Muslims today who think that it is there religious duty to follow Muhammad's example, no matter how much time has passed. That is why the age of consent tends to be low in Muslim countries and there are some clerics who think having an age of consent at all goes against Islam. So no it is not idiotic to point out and condemn Muhammad's actions because there are people in the modern world that think that Muhammad's life was a shining example whose morality transcends time.

    1. Then you ought to be mad at the people today, not Muhammad. And it's typically people on the left defending modern Muslims and their religious practices. You can't condemn Muhammad for doing what was perfectly acceptable in his day than you can condemn Mary for supposedly being pregnant with Jesus at age 13, which was perfectly acceptable and normal in her day. Or any of the Biblical patriarchs for having multiple wives, which is what happened back then. All views have to be looked at in their historical context and if not excused, at least understood.

      1. What is understandable about marrying and sex with prepubescent children? Sorry, I don't care when it was, that is a sign of a sick culture.

          1. Sorry but no other "ancient cultures" that existed at the same time as Muhammad did not normalize sex with prebuscent children. There is no societal, logical, or biological reason to do so. You might as well say we can apply our western concepts to judge the Middle Eastern culture today. Sex with young children harms them. Do you think that was magically not the case in the past just because it was the past?

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