Terminal Stupidity Burnout

Does this ever happen to you?  You spend a considerable amount of time debating religious, political and social issues with the usual band of idiots and after a while, you just can’t take it anymore because you know that ultimately, it’s a pointless exercise.  You know that the people you’re talking to are beyond reason and don’t care what you have to say anyhow, so you start to wonder what the hell you’re doing in the first place.

That’s me.  Right now.  And while this happens to everyone from time to time, it seems to be happening more and more often for me recently. It used to be that I could go for a couple of months before getting tired of the abject stupidity, now it only takes a couple of weeks.  In extreme cases, a couple of days.  Then I have to take a big step back because I find that I just don’t care anymore.

A long time ago, I resolved to know when to walk away from pointless conversations, I swore to not engage in debates against those who didn’t have good reasons to hold their positions, but quickly learned that if I really did that, I’d never talk to anyone, especially in the fields of politics, religion and social issues.  These are all filled to the brim with people who only operate on pure emotion.  They don’t think about anything, they only feel.  They are incapable of logically considering their positions and rejecting them if it turns out that they are wrong.  It’s blind faith and nothing more and I cannot stand that.

So you have to pick your battles and honestly, in an increasing number of cases, those battles don’t last long because I quickly realize that the people I’m engaging are a bunch of assholes.  Literally 5 minutes ago, as I write this, I walked away from a complete prick who I’d been debating gay marriage with.  I pointed out that a generation or two ago, interracial marriage was in the same position and the world didn’t end because we legalized that.  So he said that there are virtually no interracial marriages, blacks only marry blacks and, interestingly enough, American Indians, his example, only married American Indians. Both of these are completely wrong.  I showed him the studies that showed that 19% of blacks are married interracially and an astonishing 59% of American Indians are.  He comes back with “well, blacks are just marrying up when they marry white women”.  Great.  Racist asshole.  How do you respond to that?  So I didn’t.  I just walked away.  But I do that at least 5-6x every single day anymore, these are not debates worth having and I have little enough free time as it is, I’m not going to waste it on obnoxious pricks.

And there’s the rub.  It’s very hard to sit down and have an intellectual discussion with a rational individual because there are so few of them out there.  The ones I meet, I already agree with.  The ones I don’t agree with are disgusting, awful human beings, operating on pure emotion, who don’t really care if what they believe is true, so long as it makes them feel good.  Banging my head on the wall gets tiresome and gives me headaches and I’ve got better things to do than that.  What’s an intelligent, rational person to do?

One thought on “Terminal Stupidity Burnout”

  1. The one thing I have tried to do is let the lunatics come to me if they want to engage.

    As such I no longer visit forums where these so called enlightened conversations are meant to take place. After all as you point out they are not inhabited by rational people. The only problem with this approach is that you really don't get to see what repackaged arguments are getting used.
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