“I’m Not Happy!”

I get so sick of hearing that, both from the liberal left and from the libertarians.  They’re just not happy with the way the world is, therefore they think the world needs to change to accommodate their precious little feelings.


But these are both fundamentally different questions so they have to be addressed separately.  And because I spend a lot of time beating up on liberals, I’ll do libertarians first.

Libertarians, as I’ve said in the past, operate from a very “religious” position. They have “faith” that the things that they believe are true and because that “faith” is blind, they just demand that they have a point and anyone who refuses to acknowledge it, anyone who asks that they provide evidence for their claims, they brand heretics and go back to repeating their empty claims.  At their core, they are very unhappy about the way the world operates, and I can certainly sympathize with that because I’m unhappy about it too.  But where I acknowledge how the world really works, even if I don’t like it, they seem supremely convinced that the world really does operate as they wish it did, there’s just this vast conspiracy to keep them from getting their way.  This is where the striking similarities to religion come in.  The religious claim “even though we can’t prove it, there really is a god and he really has a plan and no matter how much you don’t believe it, we’re still right”.  The libertarians are the same way.  “Even though we can’t prove it, there really are these magical natural rights and they really are as wonderful as we’d like to think they are and no matter how much you don’t believe it, we’re still right.”  And they have blind faith that everything they believe is true and everything that everyone else believes is false. Only their view on rights matters.  If you argue that rights come from society, they don’t have an actual argument against it, they just stomp their feet and tell you that you’re wrong.  No support for their ideas, no evidence against yours.  It’s all faith.

And that’s really the thing, their ideology makes them happy and because virtually nobody else on the planet takes their ideology seriously, they’re constantly upset at everyone around them, just like little religious cults.  Everyone is out to get them and is a big meanie because they won’t acknowledge the inherent correctness of their beliefs.

Then there’s the liberals and their slower, stupider cousins, the progressives and the problems there are painfully obvious. Progressives are to liberals what the Tea Party are to conservatives, only stupider.  And that’s saying something. Just look at college campuses, where hyper-left students want nothing but safe spaces and speech codes, they don’t want to ever be faced with anything even the slightest bit uncomfortable and they want teachers stopped from teaching them anything that might trigger someone.  Somewhere.  Maybe.  These people are idiots and unfortunately, the current university system is such that administrators are so paranoid over potentially losing students that they’re willing to cater to these cry babies at the cost of actually providing a quality education and preparing these butt-hurt children for the real world.  You know, the things they’re getting paid for.

I am so tired of trying to talk to people who are ostensibly adults but act like they’re 3 years old.  I actually have seen 3-year olds who act better, who have more intelligence and maturity and credibility than these pathetic little whiners.  Why does anyone put up with these ridiculous emotional midgets?  When do we get to punch them in the face, tell them to grow a pair and fuck right the hell off?  Because that day cannot come too soon for me and I suspect for anyone reading this article as well.

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  1. Concise, well written ! Insightful. Cephus you knocked this one out of the park !!!!!!!!! Well done keep up the good work !

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