Attacking Those Who Don’t Use Drugs

This one always gives me a chuckle.  Whenever the subject of drug legalization comes up and I say I am not in favor of it, the nutty drug advocates desperately try to find something that I do that they can point at and say “aha!  You’re guilty too!”  They never can, of course, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I’ve even started saying I don’t do religion because that’s an addiction as well.  I am about the least addictive person around and that just frustrates the hell out of them.  They really want to find something that they can point to and feel smugly superior about.  Too bad they always fail.

Mostly this is because they can’t actually argue their point.  They can’t defend drug usage rationally.  They can’t show that drug usage is actually a net positive for society.  In fact, they really only have three arguments.

First, “I want to!”  Well who the hell cares?  That’s the most immature argument of them all, it’s throwing a temper tantrum, holding your breath because you don’t get your way.  Rational adults don’t operate like that.

Second, “you can’t stop people from taking drugs to stop trying!”  That’s equally idiotic.  We can’t stop people from killing each other either, does that mean we ought to stop trying?  This is one of those lowest common denominator arguments that I’ve talked about before.  “Stupid people are stupid so don’t try to stop them from being stupid!”  Rational adults don’t act like that either.

Finally, as I’ve already pointed out, is the “gotcha!” argument.  The “see, you’re just as guilty so shut the hell up!” argument. And as I already said, that doesn’t work either but they sure do try.  They go to extreme lengths in fact, I’ve even seen some of them say “do you drink coffee?” or “do you take aspirin?”  Well, no, I don’t drink coffee, can’t stand the stuff, and while you might have been able to make the case for caffeine not too long ago, my doctor has me on a strict water regimen now, so nope, no caffeine for me.  And aspirin?  Seriously, that’s a legal OTC medication that cannot, no matter how hard you try, make you high.  It is a pain killer.  And they’ve even tried that one, saying that the purpose of pain killers is to “make you feel good”, therefore there’s no difference between aspirin and cocaine.  Give me a break!  By that “logic”, eating a good mean is the same thing as injecting heroin into your veins because both can make you feel good.

But these people say stupid things because they are desperate.  They have no credible arguments.  They are immature hedonistic idiots who care only about themselves and not at all about society as a whole.  They want no responsibility to others, they only want to take care of themselves and screw everyone else.  And the more that you point out how stupid their arguments are, the more upset they get.  The harder they try to use one of these ridiculous arguments to regain some semblance of credibility.  It doesn’t work though.  It doesn’t convince anyone.  It just makes them look more and more pathetic.

And that’s what drug users are.  Pathetic.

2 thoughts on “Attacking Those Who Don’t Use Drugs”

  1. I'm an atheist too. I don't do drugs, smoke, or use illegal drugs or legal drugs illegally (all of these traits are residual effects from being a former deluded or indoctrinated Mormon). However, I'm all for legalizing at least marijuana. I'm against the "DUI exception to the Constitution," and so forth. I have the opposite "problem." I'm accused of being a druggie because I think drugs should be legalized.

    1. I don't because I see drug use being a truly pathetic act, exercised only by those who have no grasp on personal responsibility or responsibility to society. But to each their own, of course.

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