Theists Have Nothing

I’m sure this is something that every atheist who ever takes on religion has seen, but it  still pisses me off every single time it comes up, as it has a couple of times recently.  You know, the theists who say “we have evidence, we’re just not going to show it to you because you’ll refuse to see it!”  This recently happened over on my YouTube channel, where a theist popped into one of my videos, spouted all kinds of insults and when I told him to present his evidence, he said “I will, I promise, but first answer all of my questions” and when I did, he just deleted all of his comments and ran away.  I wish I could say I was surprised.

This is closely related to the other theist statement, “I don’t have to prove anything to you, I feel God in my life all the time!” Well how the hell do you know that?  You simply identify something in your life as God, you haven’t objectively determined if it actually is this God thing that you worship, you just assert it.  And as I’ve asked for years, and gotten no credible response, how do they actually know that this thing they supposedly experience is their god and not the devil of a competing pantheon, sent to lead them astray?  What tests have they actually performed to know that this isn’t the case?  None, of course.

And while they’re right, they don’t have to prove anything to anyone, there is no law requiring them to trot out their proof, that doesn’t mean that if they can’t or won’t do so, they won’t look like idiots.  Try to imagine how scientists would be viewed if they did the same thing.  “We can prove that our scientific hypothesis works but we don’t want to.  Na na na na boo boo!”  They’d be laughed out of the scientific establishment, as well they should be.

But theists really don’t care.  Their beliefs are emotional, not intellectual.  They believe things without evidence because it makes them feel good to do so.  And when someone points this simple fact out, they double down on blind faith because they have backed themselves into a corner.  They cannot admit to themselves that they have acted irrationally, they have to keep clinging desperately to that faith because without that, they have nothing.

Maybe that’s just the truth though. They have nothing.  Nothing at all.

One thought on “Theists Have Nothing”

  1. Then they resort to personnel revelation a ridiculous story of their own conversion. " I was once an evil drug user, rapist, murdering, child molesting, Tax evading, arsonist, with a hankering for sex with animals. But then I found Jesus. And now I feel better about myself for I have been forgiven of all my sins." " I am still wanted for Rape , Murder, Arson, and Rape." (Wait you said Rape twice.) " I like Rape!" " Praise be Brother ain't Jesus wonderful?". I rest my case.

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