Sometimes You Just Know It’s Crazy

Sometimes, it’s so blatant that it’s obvious, that someone is talking out of their crazy ass and nothing they have to say has any validity, but sometimes, you just get this feeling in the back of your skull that this person has some serious issues, even though they start out sounding somewhat sane.

So anyhow, I was having this discussion over on Google+ on Obamacare and this one guy pops up and says that no matter what the law says, he can’t afford healthcare and he can’t get it for free because he doesn’t qualify, he’s self-employed and doesn’t make enough money to buy insurance.  Sure, I tried to be somewhat sympathetic, but I also said that, under the current system, you either paid for a policy or you paid a fine with your taxes every year.  It might not be fair, but that’s the law.

And this is where I should have gotten an inkling that something was wrong, when he started saying he wasn’t going to pay the fine.  Okay pal, whatever you say, that’s between you and the IRS and he’d have to take it up with them when they audited him for non-payment of taxes.  So he says:

I’m aware of that. It’s called standing up for your basic human rights in the face of tyrrany. I’ll it. And I have plenty of ammo. So basically that nigger in the white house cam kiss my ass.

Yeah.  Sure.  So not only is this guy an idiot, he’s a racist idiot.  And I tell him so.

I already know that. Your a white guilt nigger loving cunt, you probably fuck Muslims… Now I’m a real asshole lol… I can do this all day

Yes, you can be an idiot all day.  But what he also did, as I pointed out, was entirely eliminate any credibility he had for any of his arguments.  He lost any sympathy that he had from anyone participating in the discussion with his racist outburst. Good job, asshole.

And to cap it all off, I had to go look at his profile and it left me rolling my eyes.  It was bad enough when it started off with “Marijuana Man”, but his whole description follows:

I am a descendent of Adamu the Genetically modified  Slave of the Anunaki. My religion is Baptist, I call on Jesus for salvation in ho0pes and faith that he is the son of the  omnipotent creator of the Universes, Anon-Ra. I seek the keys to the universe. Aliens from Nibiru are not gods, no matter what they think of themselves. They are here with us you know. The New World Order in the end is the Anunaki seeking all the gold, as usual. They are not gods they are addicts. Monotonic gold and telemere booster the chakra and the wings of Hermes. This is my quest, the search for god. I can’t stop.

Excuse me while I back away slowly.  Okay, check that, excuse me while I run as fast as I can.  In retrospect, I knew something was off and I’m glad it became obvious before I went down that particular rabbit hole.  Sometimes… wow.  Just wow.

One thought on “Sometimes You Just Know It’s Crazy”

  1. All people of faith are either deluded uneducated idiots, or completely of they're rockers. When they're story is that a 3 headed god, ghost man, Cosmic Jew came down to earth and impregnated a 13 year old girl with himself so that he could later sacrifice himself to himself for rules he himself put in place, and then told people that they could live forever if they drink his blood, and eat his flesh, and that just maybe you don't have to burn in hell forever just because some naked tart got conned into eating a piece of fruit from a magical tree by a talking snake . Sure it all sounds so Plausible? I can't see a single hole in this story plot. Sarcasm.

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