Horror Show Sunday: All-Out Muslim Attack!

There’s a problem with being so backed up on Religious Horror Show stories, I never get to do these things in anything resembling a timely manner.  I even seriously considered doing an entire Religious Horror Show Month, where I posted nothing but horror stories for an entire month, just to catch up, but even that wouldn’t help much, I’d have to post for more than 2 months straight, every single day, to make it work and by the end, I’d just slit my wrists, having to wade through that much religious stupidity.

But as everyone already knows, those wacky, fun-loving Muslim extremists staged a series of organized terrorist attacks on Friday, November 15, 2015, within the city of Paris.  These attacks killed 130 people and injured another 368.  This was a follow up to the attacks that happened at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015, where infantile Muslims, butthurt over pictures of their pedophile prophet, broke in and murdered 17 people and injured another 22.  ISIL has claimed responsibility for these attacks, claiming Paris as a center of perversion and abomination.

The attacks were carried out with the help of insiders, Fabien Clain, head of the attacks, a French national and a veteran terrorist and well-known member of ISIS, claimed personal responsibility for organizing the attacks.  All of the attackers were citizens of the European Union and could thus cross borders without difficulty.  One of the attackers, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, had recently gone to Syria and returned as an Islamic radical.  French terrorism experts consider this a major shift in the terrorism paradigm and note that more than 3000 Europeans have traveled to Syria to join ISIS, noting that they can return and carry out similar attacks with virtual impunity.

Unfortunately, when you have a mental virus like Islam, which can be triggered in people from any nation, keeping terrorists out of your country becomes almost impossible because your own citizens can easily be recruited through the Internet and convinced to carry out such attacks on their home countries.  In fact, we’ve seen several such examples of terrorist attacks around the world since this happened and it seems to be increasing in frequency.

So what do we do?  Well we certainly can’t do what the political left wants, which is treat radical Islam with kid gloves and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.  It does.  Hundreds of people have paid the price from this supposedly non-existent religious plague.  So long as we refuse to acknowledge the problem, that radical religious beliefs can explode into violence, the more innocent people will die at the hand of these fanatical animals.  I’ve got enough material for Horror Show Sunday already, please don’t make more!


2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: All-Out Muslim Attack!”

  1. A well written piece. Congratulations. NOW WHAT would you purpose we do? Like Donald Trump build a wall around the entire middle east? With those small hands of his. When you have a cancer you cut it out, or irradiate it till it dies. Complete remission? Maybe.

  2. The fact that many people on the left (it certainly is a leftist problem) will not engage these questions is disturbing due to the fact that they largely in power in many of the countries where these attacks happen. I suppose this is why you get people claiming that terrorists shouting "Allahu-Akbar" has nothing to do with Islam.
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