Horror Show Friday: Deny It All You Want

This one hits a little close to home because once, a very long time ago, I used to work in Aliso Viejo, CA, where youth pastor Brandon Ernis Lee McDade, 30, has been charged with four counts of lewd acts on a child 14 to 15 and two counts of lewd acts on a minor.  Brandon denies it, of course, but they all do, don’t they?

The molestations took place while McDade worked as a youth pastor at the Grace Hills Church in Aliso Viejo and all of them happened at church-sponsored events.

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, “McDade is accused of sexually assaulting the victims while the victims were on church property.  The defendant is accused of molesting one of the victims at a movie theater in Orange County and molesting another victim while the victim was attending a youth church camp in San Bernardino County.”

As I always say in these cases, it can’t be long before a long string of other victims comes forward and it turns out that McDade has been doing this for a while.  But why is it usually the religious pedophiles who get away with these things for so long? It’s because parents feel safe, for some reason, leaving their impressionable children with religious figures, even though history has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a really bad idea.  But not only do people make bad decisions when it comes to clergy, we know that churches either actively protect these molesters or they just don’t pay much attention to what’s going on under their noses.  And even when allegations come to light, parishioners refuse to believe it, probably because they don’t want to admit their own gullibility.  There are very few other professions so ideal for child sexual abuse to flourish than the ministry for these very reasons.

So while McDade sits in jail on $1 million bail, he’s just one of a multitude of sexual predators hiding behind the Bible doing so right now and nobody ever learns.  Maybe people ought to spend more time reading through Horror Show Friday.

3 thoughts on “Horror Show Friday: Deny It All You Want”

  1. More and more, we see that leaving clergymen in charge of children is like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house.

    It's not an accident that so many child abusers are being found among the clergy. I'm convinced that predators seek out careers in the church because they'll have (1) access to children, and (2) the trust of congregants. It's sick.
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  2. Youth pastor it screams pedophile. What grown man other than would want that job? They must have read the Bible even Jesus was caught in a garden late at night with a young naked boy. Mark 14:51 how like they're god are they who worship him. All faiths seem to endorse a cult of child rape. Mohamed, Jesus, Lot of the Jewish old testament, and so on.

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