Horror Show Thursday: Blowing Up Kids

Hey, I think we can all agree that if you’re looking for a modern religion that’s about as reprehensible as you can get, radical Islam takes the cake.  Not only do they hate a large portion of the planet, but their methods are unnecessarily barbaric.  But never let it be said that ISIS doesn’t go above and beyond the call of duty, now they’re putting bombs in children’s dolls, specifically so they can target children while undergoing a religious pilgrimage.

Every year, Shia Muslims make a pilgrimage during the religious celebration of Arbaeen.  It’s a celebration following a 40-day period of mourning that marks the recognition of the death of Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein.  Many Shia Muslims trek to the city of Karbala for a huge religious gathering.  But those fun loving assholes in ISIS, because they hate Shia Muslims, littered bomb dolls along the roads that pilgrims are expected to travel, in hopes that children will pick them up and carry them to a place where a huge number of casualties can occur.

The dolls were discovered by security forces in al-Husseiniya, a largely Shiite area of northern Baghdad, thus the Shiites saved the lives of many potential Shia victims.  I guess that goes to show that even traditional enemies can help each other when a bigger, badder enemy comes along.

But ISIS isn’t stopping with dolls.  They’ve been known to forcibly recruit young boys into “junior Jihadi training camps” in hopes of creating an entire generation of children who have never known a life without suicide bombing.  It’s been reported that in one such camp, an infant was detonated as part of a training exercise.  And, of course, ISIS has been found guilty of “several cases of mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children and burying children alive.”

These are some great people, aren’t they?  Maybe when they claim Islam is the religion of peace, they mean it’s the religion of pieces, meaning the bits that their followers blow themselves into.  These might be disgusting human beings, but what can you expect from the fanatically religious?  It’s horrific for most, but for ISIS, it’s just Horror Show Thursday.

1 thought on “Horror Show Thursday: Blowing Up Kids

  1. Radical Is-lame is a pox on all mankind. Just as Christianity, The Jews, Mormons, Catholics, scientologist, Southern BAPTIST, Hindus, or any other group of retarded people of faith. Science flew men too the Moon. Religion fly's people into buildings. Never shall we forget 9-11.

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