Horror Show Wednesday: Accused of Adultery

Hey, haven’t talked about those fun-loving peaceful Muslims in a little bit, might as well get another one of their tales of tolerance and wisdom in, right?

In Aurdak, Afghanistan, a woman was accused of adultery, so in typical radical Muslim fashion, they dug a hole, put her in it and threw rocks at her head until she was dead.  Because that’s what you do when you think someone might  be guilty of adultery.  Well, women anyhow.  Men just get away with it.

The woman, identified only as 19-year old Rokhshana, had been forced to marry against her will.  She escaped with another man, but after two days, the couple was captured and the local Taliban leader ordered her stoned to death for her crime.  Yeah, the crime of not wanting to be forced into an unwanted marriage.  How horrible is that?

This isn’t uncommon either, earlier in the year, a 27-year old woman was similarly murdered in Kabul.  With the Taliban in control, women are routinely abused and murdered for failing to abide by their strict Islamic beliefs.  But it isn’t just the Taliban who have been found guilty of abusing women, both Amnesty International and the United Nations have both released reports showing that local warlords and even the government have both participated in horrific human rights violations, most often spurred by religion.

There probably aren’t too many worse ways to die than to be buried in a hole up to your neck, then to have rocks hurled at your head until you finally die of blunt force trauma and brain hemorrhage.  It just so happens to be one of the favorite punishments handed out by Abrahamic religions, not just Islam, but it’s well represented in the Bible and Jewish texts too.  Yes, we’re looking at a wide ranging way of tormenting people who fall outside of your strict religious views.  But hey, we can’t expect much better from groups who routinely grace Horror Show Wednesday, can we?

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