Too Stupid to Know They’re Stupid

I keep running across these numbnuts who really are too stupid to know just how stupid they actually are.  You know the kind of people I mean, the ones whose idiocy makes your head explode?

So this time out, this idiot shows up saying that having gays on television is somehow a horrible thing because it disrespects the rights of the religious not to have it “in their face”.  Of course, when I pointed out that there is religious programming on television, not to mention religious references all over the place, somehow that didn’t disrespect the rights of people who didn’t want it “in their face”. But if he wants to cast this as a respect thing, then why shouldn’t we expect the religious to respect the rights of atheists?  Of course that would be totally out of the question, wouldn’t it?  He  doesn’t respect gays, and by this time of the discussion, blacks and other minorities, at all.  He doesn’t want to see homosexuals.  Ever.  Anywhere.  He doesn’t want his kids to even know they exist.  It is a violation of his religious rights to even live in the same world as gays, and apparently blacks.

I had to point out that gays and blacks are born that way.  They have no choice in the matter.  But you know what isn’t inborn? Religion!  Religion is a choice!  You can choose which stupid beliefs you hold, most notably in this case, whether you think being gay is a sin.  So instead of expecting gays and blacks to hide so it doesn’t offend his delicate sensibilities, maybe he ought to just stop believing such ridiculous things in the first place.

And you know his response?  Religion isn’t a choice!  Apparently this imbecile thinks that religion is genetically determined.  He could not understand that people do not pop out of the womb believing in gods.  It was at that point in time that I just washed my hands of him, he had been on the forum for all of 4 days and had already completely blown any credibility he had.

Unfortunately, he’s not alone, there are plenty of these people who have zero credibility.  They have an extreme emotional attachment to their position, whatever it happens to be, and nothing anyone can say will ever sway them from their fanaticism. And when you point it out, they act like they’re the only ones in the right because they’ve got a mental block against even considering that they could possibly be wrong. In this case, this individual is so absolutely certain that his religion, and only his religion, is right, that anyone who doesn’t share his narrow-minded beliefs has to be wrong.  In fact, based on a lot of what he has said, apparently he thinks that everyone knows he’s right and is purposely rebelling against his God, for some bizarre reason, because they enjoy being reprobates.  Don’t ask me, it makes no more sense when he says it.

This is the legacy of people who believe things about which they have never applied rational thought and there are unfortunately a lot of them out there.  These are people who are so stupid, so deluded, so absolutely self-assured that everything they think has to be true because if it isn’t, their entire view of reality comes tumbling down, that they can’t even step back and examine their beliefs rationally.  They are entirely unable to be objective.  They just believe because believing is the only thing they are capable of doing.  That and being stupid.

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