Horror Show Sunday: Eye Eye!

There’s so much wrong here, I don’t know where to begin.  In Argentina, a 16-year old girl was gang-raped, then held down by her rapists so that her sister could cut out her eyes with a knife.  All of this was caused by visions that the young girl was having of goats, which her family was convinced were demonic in nature and her treatment was part of an exorcism, apparently ordered by a pastor who had also provided the knife used to blind her.  The girl barely survived the exorcism and now fights for her life in the local hospital.

According to the sister, who was arrested for attempted murder, she was told by a pastor at a local religious center, that pain could be used to exorcise demons and even gave her the knife to do it.  The sister and her parents were all convinced that the now blind girl was possessed and the only way to help her was to cause her sufficient pain so that the demons would flee.

Apparently, the rape was just a side benefit.

Police Commissioner Pablo Almiron said “It is the first time in 22 years of my career in the police to have an event of this nature. The prosecutor has also said that it is the first time in his life. It is very difficult to explain that something like this could happen to a teenager.”

It’s very difficult to explain how something like this could happen to anyone. Or anything.  But not if you’re religious.  Violence in the name of religion is really quite common.  Violence, serious injury and even death is ridiculously common when it comes to the religious practice of exorcism. But when you believe in imaginary devils and demons, how much of a stretch is it to start cutting out someone’s eyes?  Oh, and raping them.  Not much of a stretch at all.  So while my thoughts go out to this unnamed girl and her recovery, I can’t say I’m surprised at all.  After all, this is Horror Show Sunday.


One thought on “Horror Show Sunday: Eye Eye!”

  1. So how do you start on a story like this? I mean there is nothing in here that even remotely makes sense. Lets just hope that a lot more people get some serious jail time for this crime! Its almost like a mafia hit, you have all these pawns in the game, and then the Don at the top getting away with everything.

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