Immigration Myths Spun as Immigration Facts

This is actually an older article but it came up in a recent discussion and I thought it was something I needed to comment on. The left, in general terms, just wants to open up the borders and let anyone come on in without worrying about who they are, why they’re here or what they want.  It’s all dishonest in how they frame things and try to spin it, they cherry pick data and then tell you half the story.  They pretend they’re debunking myths, but they’re just spinning the narrative into something that doesn’t stand up under rational scrutiny.  So let’s take a look at 5 supposed myths that are actually very true.

Myth # 1: They don’t pay taxes

According to the article, we’re supposed to be impressed that illegal aliens pay 6.5% of their income in some form of taxation, so we should just leave them alone.  Well, according to a recent report by the Tax Foundation, the average American pays 31.5% of their income in taxes.  Even knowing that the claim is a year older, 6.5% is nowhere near 31.5%.  Just because illegals pay some, and I’d wager they’re counting local sales taxes primarily, that’s nowhere near the tax burden they are supposed to be paying.  Why are we supposed to be impressed by this?  And the article tries to hand-wave over the fact that only 50-75% of illegal immigrants (that’s a pretty wide range and sounds just made up) file income taxes every year.  But what they don’t mention is that under Obama’s 2014 deportation amnesty, 800,000 illegal immigrants can file for the Earned Income Tax Credit and it will cost $2 billion in revenue over the next 5 years.  Legislators are calling this the “amnesty bonus” because we’re giving money to people who have no business being here in the first place, they’re just getting rewarded for doing something they shouldn’t be doing to begin with.  So I don’t care how much they pay in taxes, it isn’t enough and it’s irrelevant because they shouldn’t be in the country at all!  And I love how they say that allowing “certain” immigrants to stay and work legally could earn $2 billion a year.  What about all the rest of them?  Nobody says a word about those!

Myth # 2: They don’t pay into Social Security

The article claims that illegal immigrants pay more into Social Security than they will ever consume.  That much is true because most of their social security numbers are stolen.  Their employers are required by law to take a certain percentage of their check and submit it to Social Security and they have no means at all to get it back because they have no legitimate SSNs of their own. You might think that the people whose identities illegals have stolen might have a windfall with all this extra money in their accounts, but that’s not how Social Security works. You don’t just get a check at the end with all the money in your account, most of that money just stays in the system and does no one any good.  And then they go on to claim that all this money that illegals are putting into the system are keeping Social Security afloat.  That’s idiotic.  If all the illegals went away, those jobs would need to be filled anyhow and those legal Americans or legal immigrants would be paying that money anyhow.  The spin is strong… and stupid… with this one.

Myth #3: They drain the system

This is just ludicrous.  They say that illegal aliens do not qualify for most forms of welfare when this is patently untrue.  In fact, statistics show that not only do the majority of illegal aliens use welfare (62%), but they use it at a rate higher than any other group including legal immigrants.  The article is simply wrong when they say that illegal immigrants cannot use welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits.  In fact, 22.4% use SNAP, 22.7% use WIC and a whopping 49.7% receive free school lunches.  And 51% use Medicaid.  So much for all of them not qualifying, huh?

Illegal immigrants use more welfare than Americans at all levels of education so you can’t say that only the poor and uneducated immigrants are sucking the system dry.

Myth # 4: They take American jobs

By definition, this is true.  Any job in America is an American job.  The article tries to wiggle around this by saying that America needs immigrant labor.  No, we need *LEGAL* immigrant labor.  Illegal… not so much.  But this is a trick of the left to ignore that distinction.  People who come here on legal work visas are fine.  People who just cross the border illegally are not.  In fact, people who come here in legal work visas actually pay more in taxes and consume less in welfare, as the above graphs show. They can spin it any way they want, their arguments are still false.

Myth # 5: It’s just a matter of following the law

I love this one.  “Many Americans want immigrants to enter the country legally.”  Well, in fact, the majority of Americans do, that’s why we have immigration laws.  That’s why American voters have elected representatives to go to Washington and pass these laws in the first place.  Take out the word “many” and you’ll be correct.  Until there is a majority who vote for open-border representatives who go to Washington and repeal all of the existing immigration laws, that’s the case.  And you know something?  Whining about how long the lines are to  get into this country doesn’t change that.  Whether the liberals like it or not, America has no obligation whatsoever to take all comers.  We should do what is best for the United States as a nation, not for the people who want to come here.  If they have to wait 5 years or 10 years or 50 years to get their chance, that’s how long it takes.  And  all the whining about how horrible some of these people have it, too bad. Cry me a river.  We’re not responsible for their shitty countries, where the people are unwilling to stand up and fight for the health and well being of their nation.  There were more than 50,000 casualties in the American Revolutionary War, that’s 50,000 Americans who were willing to stand up and lose their lives to make this country free.  These weren’t trained military, they were every day people who wanted to declare their independence.  So what the hell is wrong with all of these people fleeing corrupt nations?  Why aren’t they willing to fight for their freedom?  What’s wrong with them?

All of this is nonsense, yet the brainless, emotionally driven idiots on the left continue to fall for it because they don’t really care about the truth, they don’t care about the data, they care about feeling good.  Feeling good gets us into trouble.  It doesn’t make the nation strong.  It doesn’t improve the economy.  It just makes a mess.  We’ve had enough messes.  Let’s get down to business getting things fixed.  And no, I don’t  give a damn how that makes you feel.

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