Safe Spaces for Illegal Aliens

You know, this liberal shit is getting ridiculous.  Or should I call it progressive shit?  Or regressive left shit?  I don’t even know anymore.  It all falls on the political left so I’ll just stop there.  Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago, I did a video over on YouTube about the utter insanity on modern universities, as regressives are now complaining that their education is getting in the way of their activism, as if they are totally unaware why they are in school at all.  I’ll link to that at the bottom of this post.  However, lest you think that was some isolated incident at some crazy school, it is nothing of the sort.

Liberal protesters at several California and Arizona college campuses are now demanding that their schools cut all ties with the Border Patrol, which is often on campus recruiting, because, get this, it might offend illegal alien students who go to school there.

I’ll stop for a moment to let the stupidity sink in.

Now I shouldn’t have to point out just how idiotic the idea of state-run government schools being told to deny access to governmental agencies is.  But the fact that they are demanding it because it might make people who have absolutely no legal right whatsoever to be there in the first place unhappy is just absurd to the highest degree.  That’s like saying universities have to keep the IRS off campus because it might make people who haven’t paid their taxes nervous.  Well here’s a suggestion, if you’re not supposed to be there, GO HOME!  If you haven’t paid your taxes, PAY THEM!  Don’t act like you have a right to violate the law and then not be made to feel bad about it.  You ought to feel bad!  That’s the whole point!

It isn’t like the Border Patrol is there to hunt down these illegal criminal aliens and drag them back across the border, although they certainly should, they’re just there to recruit new employees, just like any of the other companies that routinely set up booths on college campuses across the country.  But “oh no!”, actually being held accountable for your illegal actions, or being made to feel potentially unsafe, that’s somehow “triggering”.  Well cry me a fucking river, you’re criminals, stop whining and get your asses back across the border!

You know, I’d almost think this was an April Fool’s joke, if it didn’t show up in the middle of March.  So that makes leftist political rhetoric indistinguishable from intentional humor.  That’s a Poe in anyone’s book.

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3 thoughts on “Safe Spaces for Illegal Aliens”

  1. This liberal who works at a university agrees with what you are saying about regressives complaining that their education is getting in the way of their activism. I haven't seen nearly as much of this here in Mississippi as it likely happening elsewhere, but I have seen it. The trigger warnings, safe spaces, and constant whining about hurt feelings is getting in the way of education, and it strikes me as ridiculous that so many administrators are going along with it in the name of customer satisfaction. I'm all for college students dabbling in activism, but universities need to stay focused on their mission.

    Unfortunately, the university-as-a-business model we have implemented across the U.S. in the face of dwindling support for higher education by state legislatures has opened the door to university administrators viewing students as customers to be catered to. Much like businesses compete with one another to attract customers and build customer loyalty, universities are now forced to compete with one another for students and face more pressure to keep them happy than they do to actually teach them anything. I hate to say it, but I think this sort of thing is going to get worse before we see the end of it.

  2. I do not care how you come to America just learn the LINGO ! WE are all from other country's but we all learn ENGLISH. As Fucked up we are here in America at least we can talk it out. That is why we have held together as the United States. We should not be accommodating to Spanish. Why can you take a drivers test in Spanish when all the road signs are in ENGLISH? The number 1 requirement to immigrate to the U.S. is the ability to speak and understand ENGLISH. Other than that WELCOME to America !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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