Liberals Don’t Have a Clue What Racism Is

I don’t know about you, but I get really sick and tired of liberals ranting and raving about racism, only to prove that they have no clue what racism actually is.  They scream about institutionalized racism but cannot produce a single demonstrable case of it.  I ask, they fail to produce but they won’t abandon their unjustified claims regardless.

So recently, another crazed liberal showed up and started making all of the same old tired claims and I called him on it. I asked him to list cases of demonstrable institutionalized racism, not racism caused by individuals, but racism caused by and enshrined in the system. After all, while I’m happy to admit that it’s happened in the past, I cannot think of anything today that hasn’t already been addressed.

His response:

Cool, when will race based policing be addressed? What about the historically insufficient funding for inner-city schools? People are waiting.

Okay.  Beyond the fact that neither of those are institutionally racist, he apparently has no clue what racism actually is. But by all means, I’d be happy to address these, as I said I would.  And did.  And he ignored it, as liberals tend to do.  So I’m going to do it here too.

What is race-based policing?  We know, from FBI crime statistics, that blacks commit a disproportionate percentage of many crimes.  Blacks make up something like 13% of the American population, yet commit far more than 13% of the crimes, especially when it comes to violent crimes.  In fact, if  you look at the crime statistics in aggregate, blacks commit 28.4% of all crimes, at least in 2011 which is the last year that statistics are available.  When you look at murder, they commit 49.7% of all murders in the nation.  Robbery?  55.6%.  Gambling?  66.9%  In fact, in pretty much every single category on the list, with the possible exception of DUI, they commit far more than the 13% of the total crimes that we’d expect if crimes were actually in keeping with their percentage in society.  They’re just not and it isn’t some racist conspiracy that gets blacks arrested, it’s that they are actually guilty.  Now it really has nothing to do with race and almost everything to do with socioeconomic class and poverty, the people who get arrested for many crimes are almost entirely poor and because blacks are disproportionately represented among the poor, of course they are going to be arrested more because they are simply committing more crimes. But to a liberal?  It’s a conspiracy, not a reality.

And “historically insufficient funding for inner-city schools”?  Well, we really can’t address history here, we can only look at what is happening right this minute.  Schools have traditionally been funded out of the property taxes of the surrounding area, such that more affluent areas with more valuable properties have more taxes levied and thus, the schools receive more money. This isn’t racist, this is just how the system works.  Nobody has their fingers on the purse strings, saying “that school has a lot of black people, let’s give them less money!”  That’s absurd.  But even in states like California, where every single school gets the same amount of money, inner city schools do far poorer than those in other areas.  It isn’t the money to blame, it’s the culture in those inner city ghettos.  When you have people who don’t value education, who don’t value responsibility, who promote gangs and drugs and single parenthood and teach kids that if they try to rise above the ghettos, they’re race traitors and “Uncle Toms”, what the hell do you expect?  But liberals never blame the actual culprits, they’ve got quotas to enforce and it can’t actually be the people involved that are responsible, it has to be racism!

It isn’t racism, it’s a failure in their ideology.  Like it or not, all cultures are not equal. Yeah, I know that’s horrifying to the multicultural crowd, but some cultures are simply more successful than others.   The ones that teach personal responsibility, the ones that teach education, the ones that teach upward mobility, those are the ones that produce the best outcomes, and guess what?  Those cultures tend to be conservative, not liberal.

Imagine that.

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