White Guilt

Recently, there was a story out of Virginia where a high school was showing students a video about “white guilt“, but it was eventually stopped following criticism of the content.  I’ve included the video below for those who are curious.  Of course, a huge explosion on the left occurred because they want all white people to be forcibly taught that they’re awful, just like feminists want all men to be taught they’re rapists.  It’s part of the leftist indoctrination campaign.  Get ’em while they’re young and you’ll own ’em for life.  Religion operates exactly the same way.

So this brought up a lot of people crying about “white guilt” and “white privilege”, which in turn brought up the image to the left.  Yeah, I know what the liberals are thinking, there’s a white guy dressed up as an American Indian, speaking down to an actual American Indian.  Boo hoo. My response is… so what?

Why should anyone be offended at this?

I get so sick of the left’s race politics. For people who supposedly want a color-blind society, they sure pay a lot of attention to color.  But let’s be honest, they don’t want a color-blind society at all, any more than they want a gender-blind or a sexual-orientation-blind society.  What they really want is an anti-wealthy-white-men society and that’s what they push.

They also push “pride”.  Black pride, brown pride, Asian pride, but not white pride.  Never white pride.  Being white is something you ought to be ashamed of.  White people have to bow down to non-whites because of bad things that were done in the distant past by people who aren’t even alive today.  If a white person dresses in black-face for Halloween, liberals lose their shit.  But you know something?  If a black person dresses in white-face, should I be offended?  Well I’m not.  Go ahead!  It doesn’t bother me!  It doesn’t bother anyone!  Knock yourself out!  Why?  Because I don’t think of myself as white.  My skin color is not a defining characteristic of my self-image.  I am who I am, not what my genetics defined me to be.  I think that’s the biggest problem with liberal racial politics.  It’s not character that matters, it’s what you look like.  That’s stupid.

So that brings us back to the image at the top of the page and why I think it’s so stupid that people get upset at it. That guy on the left didn’t dress up to make fun of the guy on the right.  He did it because whatever sports team he’s rooting for uses an American Indian-based mascot.  And you know why?  Not because they’re making fun of the American Indians, but because they are proud of them.  Because the Indian motif is a symbol of strength.  It’s the same reason sports teams call themselves things like Cougars and Bears and Panthers and not Pomeranians and Chihuahuas.  It’s because they are proud of the imagery, because it evokes a feeling of power and strength.  It’s something that these groups should take pride in, not offense, but that’s not the liberal way.

Liberals need to grow the fuck up.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6gtMrbAFVo’]

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