Horror Show Sunday: Sexual Jihad

You usually think that the religious crazies are against sex, they tend to be terrified of their own  bodies and horrified of the idea of actually engaging in sex, but after last week’s story, we turn to Islam, that wonderful religion of peace, which this time executed 19 women in Mosul for refusing to take part in a “sexual jihad“.

In some Wahhabist groups, women will offer themselves as sexual companions to aid and comfort the men who are fighting to establish Islamic rule.  This is usually a voluntary practice.  However in this case, these were women captured in Mosul who were ordered to comply with the jihad and when they refused, they were simply put to death.  That doesn’t sound too voluntary to me, how about you?

Thousands of women throughout ISIS lands in the Middle East are captured and sold to Islamic fighters, who then beat and rape them. Most of these captives, some as young as 14, belong to the Yazidi community, an ancient Kurdish ethnic group based in the north of Iraq, or are Christians, and ISIS sees them as heretics. A UN envoy investigating ISIS tactics has also verified the practice of selling very young girls, usually aged one to nine years old and these girls can be owned by five to six men each and be required to have sex with all of them any time they demand it.  Of course, they have to comply or they end up beaten and bloody, or as with these women, brutally murdered for daring to deny their bodies to ISIS fighters.  As cruel as it might sound, they’re probably better off dead.

One 12-year old Yazidi victim told a reporter from the New York Times that her rapist maintained that raping her was not sinful because the Qur’an “condones and encourages” attacking non-Muslim women.  “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God.”

That Allah is a dick, isn’t he?

I think this does away with any of the potential moral high horses that any of these religions can pretend to sit upon. These are reprehensible people following reprehensible religious teachings engaging in animalistic behavior because they think some imaginary friend in the sky tells them it’s okay.  Hopefully, someone will teach them another lesson soon, one that involves a bullet right between the eyes.  The only good radical Muslim is a dead radical Muslim, at least that’s the position of Horror Show Sunday.


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