Hiding Your Beliefs

I’ve noticed a new brand of hate-monger out there who detests homosexuals, but for entirely unstated reasons. They deny being religious, but also refuse to talk about religion at all.  This is a new class of debater who seems to think that if they hide their beliefs, the true source of their hatred of gays and women and non-Christian religions, that their faith can’t be blamed for their hatred at all.

I suppose I first noticed these people late in the legalized gay marriage debate, not long before the Supreme Court had a rare moment of rationality and decided on equality for all.  These people would show up, state their opposition to gay marriage, and indeed to homosexuality in general, but they would never give any reason for said opposition.  They were careful to avoid mentioning religion at all and when asked point blank about their beliefs, would be entirely non-committal.  Eventually, some were even denying having any religious beliefs at all, even though all of their arguments were framed entirely religiously. When asked why they opposed homosexuality, they gave stupid answers, like it being “unnatural”, which is entirely untrue, and it might just offend someone’s beliefs.  Whose?  Oh, those guys over there, not theirs, of course, but someone else!  They’re always intensely concerned about offending someone else.

I think it’s painfully obvious that these are religious zealots who have learned, probably through painful experience, that using their own beliefs as justification for their hatred just gets their beliefs attacked, therefore they go to great lengths to pretend to be non-religious, but that just makes their entire argument absurd.  Essentially, you have people who are pretending to have no reason whatsoever for believing what they claim to believe, they just do.  But if there’s no reason, at least none that they are willing to articulate, then what’s the point of having a discussion with someone so non-committal?

Of course, these are the exact same people who, if someone insults Christianity, immediately rush to its aid.  For people who supposedly aren’t Christian, they’re certainly very protective of it and use the exact same arguments in its defense as open Christians do.  Imagine that.

I’m sorry, but if you feel you have to hide what you are because being what you are makes you look like an irrational idiot, then maybe your beliefs aren’t something you should hide, they’re something you should change.

One thought on “Hiding Your Beliefs”

  1. These people are also the same people that justify their religion using pseudoscience in the same way that they use debunked studies to "prove" that homosexuality is not genetic or harmful etc etc etc. I agree with you though that their main aim is to distance their religion as they don't want to associate their hatred with a moral set which is meant to be superior.

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