Horror Show Sunday: Biblical Slavery

I guess this is a case of “gimme that old time religion” at work.  Rob Johnson, 44, and his wife, Marie Johnson, 43, took in a young girl at age 13 after her mother passed away, but instead of this being an example of Christian love, they kept the girl for 5 years, locked up as a sex slave.

But before you say this didn’t have anything to do with religion, it was just a couple of reprobates holding a girl hostage, the couple repeatedly used Old Testament Bible verses to defend their actions.  They refused to allow the girl, unnamed, to use the telephone or go to school and she was forced to memorize a story, just in case a doctor ever asked her about her sexual history.  The couple beat her repeatedly and would hold her up against the wall by the neck until she agreed to their sexual demands.  “I believe she said it would be fair to say that she was sexually abused at least twice a week,” said Detective Steve Reuther. “Some weeks she said it occurred more often, some weeks it occurred less often.”  Overall, it is estimated that the girl was forced to have sex with the couple more than 500 times.

So yeah, good Christian couple there, going by the Bible.  According to their beliefs, a man can have multiple wives, all of whom are his property and they are not allowed to disobey or they will be beaten.  At least it’s an accurate reading of the Bible.  I doubt the courts will be impressed..

The girl escaped when her grandmother sent her a plane ticket to Ohio.  The couple has been arrested and charged with more than 90 charges of felony sexual battery.  I wonder how they’ll plead in court?  “We were just following God’s word!”  The couple got out of jail on $120,000 bail, but were brought back with bail now set at $43 million.  The Johnsons have four children and police are investigating if the abuse extended to them as well.

I wish this kind of thing was rare, but there’s a Religious Horror Show page filled with things like this.  Anyone who says religion doesn’t hurt anyone has never read Horror Show Sunday.



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