Discussions with the God-Soaked

I walked into Yoshinoya today for lunch and at one of the tables was four guys, all holding hands with their heads bowed and their eyes closed.  They all had Bibles sitting on the table.  So I went and got into line and they all stopped praying and one of them got up to go order lunch for everyone else.  Now I have no idea what they were praying about, but it struck me that they were asking for God’s guidance for their lunch menu.

So I told that story because it reminded me of this. Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with someone, on any subject you care to name, and they were unable to engage on any level without bringing religion into the discussion constantly?  These tend to be the people, I’ve noticed, that carry a Bible with them constantly and read from it every second they have.  I guess it  could be a Qur’an for the more Islamically slanted.  But these are people who are unable to talk about any subject under the sun without making it about God.  Politics?  God!  TV shows?  God!  The weather? God!  These are people who are just incapable of speaking rationally about any subject there is.

Now I suppose that a lot of them are new converts, “on fire” for Jesus or whatever.  They’re just obnoxious.  I have literally seen discussions about the most innocuous television shows ruined by these God-botherers and I don’t even think they intend to be disruptive, they simply can’t think in any terms outside of religion.   I mean, you try asking if they saw Dancing With The Stars and there first reaction is to start quoting the Bible at you.  You can be talking about food and they’re talking about what people ate in the Old Testament.

These people are just sad.  They have no friends outside of their insular little church group.  They cannot relate to anyone who doesn’t share their religious beliefs.  It isn’t like they’re trying to proselytize all the time, they just have nothing else that they know but the contents of their silly religious book.  As frustrating as it is to have to deal with them, it’s really pretty sad to see how horribly their religious beliefs have poisoned their ability to deal with the real world, even talking about mundane day-to-day things.  Living 24/7 within the pages of an ancient book of mythology and entirely unable to climb out, even for a moment, really destroys your quality of life.  I’m not mad at these people, I pity them.  So should you.

And before anyone asks, I couldn’t identify any particular religious group or sect of the four men, they weren’t wearing white shirts and nametags and there were no bikes parked outside that I could see. All of their Bibles were different so it didn’t look like they were all from any weird sect.  I wasn’t about to ask what kind of religious stupidity they were engaged in, I just got my lunch and left shaking my head.

So has anyone else run into these unrepentant Bible-thumpers?  How did you deal with them?  I’d really like to know.

2 thoughts on “Discussions with the God-Soaked”

  1. I can see your point to a degree. It takes all kinds to make a world, and I'm sure there are billions more that could possibly rub you the wrong way, about one thing or another. Peace is an "inside deal." What else do you get cranked up about? Why did you choose their faith practices to rant about, and not the many useless wars going on that kill people needlessly? sounds like someone is majoring in the minors to me.

    1. I rant about plenty of things, anything that I think is ruining the world and religion is high on that list. Ultimately it comes down to irrationality, people who are more enamored with emotion over reality. It's a large group of people, many of whom are religious, but that's not the limit to the insanity.

      You make it sound like wanting to live in a rational world is a bad thing.

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