Crazy Celebrity Death Cults

Hey, guess what, Harper Lee died.  So what?  Yeah, that’s what I said, but apparently there are a lot of people who are just totally broken up about it because someone who once did something might have finally died of old age.  Unfortunately, these people act like it’s a national tragedy.

Why?  I will never understand why people get so broken up about people they never met, who never had the slightest impact on their lives, but whose name they’ve heard so all of a sudden, we have to dress in sack cloth and ashes and cry about it.  I mean, in the discussion I was watching, half the people literally didn’t know that Harper Lee was a woman.  Seriously.  They had no real clue who she was, but it’s a horrible catastrophe that “he’s” dead.

Honestly, more than 56 million people drop dead on this planet every single year.  Nobody laments the overwhelming majority of them.  It isn’t like people are watching the obituaries and crying because Fred Johnson of Tallahassee dropped dead at age 96.  Nobody, outside of Fred’s friends and family, give a crap, nor should they.  People die.  It’s a natural part of the life cycle.  People are born, people live and people die.  The whole crying and gnashing of teeth thing gets old really, really quick.

Besides, as I said, most of these people really had no clue who Harper Lee was.  She wrote a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird” in 1960.  She didn’t publish another book until 2015 and it wasn’t particularly well received.  It isn’t like she was a literary legend.  She didn’t change the face of literature through her lifelong contributions.  Most people have probably never even read her book, or if they did, they were probably required to do so in high school and forgot about it immediately thereafter.  She was no J.R.R. Tolkien and even if she was, I wouldn’t be crying about it.  People die.  Get over it.

I always find this phenomenon bizarre.  Whenever someone who ever did anything remotely noteworthy kicks the bucket, they come out in droves, whining that the world is a worse place without them.  It’s usually someone who drops dead of old age or after fighting some disease.  I might be able to see it if they met a violent end, but for natural causes?  Why?  And it’s usually someone who did something once upon a time but has not done anything worthwhile since.  Oh no, they were in a band 50 years ago but haven’t played a note in decades!  Horrors, someone who was in a movie I once saw, but who hasn’t acted for years is gone!  Seriously, I think that when Tommy Wiseau, who did the execrable The Room or James Nyugen, who created the craptastic Birdemic, die, we’re going to get calls for a national day of mourning.  It really is that ridiculous.

Here’s a news flash for you.  People die.  Every day.  It happens.  It isn’t a big deal.  Oh sure, if you are a close personal friend, it’s probably meaningful, if it’s a family member, you ought to mourn, but otherwise, shut the hell up and get on with your life. Grow the hell up and deal with reality.  Here’s a way to know if you ought to care if someone dies.  Ask yourself if you’ve even thought about that person in the past 10 years.  If not, knock off the crocodile tears.  They don’t impress anyone.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Celebrity Death Cults

  1. I think sometimes a celebrity's death can affect you – if that person impacted your life – wrote a book that changed you, wrote the music of your youth, etc. I was personally affected (embarrassingly so, actually) by the recent death of Glenn Frey of the Eagles. He was a favorite singer/songwriter of mine from the age of 12 or 13. I had seen them in concert many, many times through the years. I acknowledge that I don't know him personally, but his death affected me.

    That being said, what bothers me even more are people I call "hearse chasers", and I know quite a few of them. If someone they knew in any capacity dies – suddenly they were BEST friends. The passing of that person then becomes about them, not the deceased or the family and actual friends. They mourn longer, cry harder, PUT ON A FREAKING SHOW – no one grieves more than they! It sickens me. Narcissistic behavior in one of its most undesirable forms.

    1. That's true. But so many of the people I see whining and gnashing their teeth at the death of celebrities, these people are just engaged in pointless hero worship. And it's never celebrities who die at the height of their careers, in the midst of their greatest work, they're people who were has beens. They haven't worked in years. Nobody even remembers them. They're the celebrities who people go "what? They're still alive?" about. And these crazy people act like it's a national tragedy that these ancient celebrities drop dead.

      Seriously, people like George Carlin and Christopher Hitchens, people who had somewhat of an effect on me, when they died, my response was "what a shame" and I went on with my day. I didn't break down and cry like the world was coming to an end. And I've met both of them on multiple occasions! I know lots of famous people. I don't turn to the Internet for comfort if one of them dies though. I accept reality, especially for those who are old. Everyone dies, even the famous.

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