Psychics Never See It Coming

I always find it funny when I come across stories like this.  Why is it that even when psychics say they “know something is happening”, they never get the hell out of the way?  Psychic Rachel Williams said that she “had a premonition” that something bad was going to happen and then it did when a truck crashed into her mobile home. She says it is the third time someone has run into her trailer, which also serves as her business.

Well dumbshit, if you knew it was coming, why were you home? Worse yet, why did you have your son there?  I guess it’s for the same reason that this supposed psychic is living in a mobile home, her “powers” are complete bunk.  If you could see the future, you’d win the lottery every single time and live in a mansion, wouldn’t you?

But oh yeah, it conveniently doesn’t work that way.  “Yes, I knew it. I didn’t know what time, but I had that spiritual feeling.” Then what the hell use are you?  If your so-called predictions can’t actually predict anything, why should anyone listen?  Oops, I forgot, she lives in a crappy little trailer because nobody does listen to her.  Bet she’s on welfare too.

This is how supposed psychics operate.  They can’t actually predict a thing.  They’re con artists who operate via cold reading, who can’t even see the future of their own lives, except in retrospect.  Okay Rachel, if you “had a spiritual feeling”, can you document that before the fact?  Did you tell anyone your “feeling”?  Did you document it in writing?  How specific was this “feeling”?  Did you know someone was going to crash into your pathetic little trailer, just not when?  Because this being the third time, you’d have thought that you might, I don’t know, *MOVE THE DAMN THING ELSEWHERE*?  Or are we supposed to think that bad drivers are drawn to screwy psychics like magnets?  Maybe we can use that to determine who is a real psychic and who is just a con artist.  Put the psychic in the middle of a field and if a car hits them, they must be real!

It makes about as much sense as the rest of this crazy woo nonsense.


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