Horror Show Sunday: Baptists Buggering Boys

The former youth minister of Quail Springs Baptist Church near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has been arrested for soliciting sex from minors who were members of his church.  Brian Burchfield was arrested after the mother of one of his victims found incriminating text messages from him on her son’s phone and reported it to authorities.  So far, there are four victims, aged 14 to 17, although authorities say there may be more yet to be identified, perhaps at his former church, Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee, which he left just a year prior.  Police have found sexually explicit text messages with boys from the former church and are currently unaware how far those relationships may have gone.

“There was some instants where they had some times together as a group with specific boys out of that group,” Shawnee Police Sgt. Ethan Rieves said. “There were some questionable things that went on.”

One of those “questionable things” was a “Man Journey Retreat” that Burchfield invite the boys to go on.  The boys were taken to an in-law’s house where he suggested they go skinny dipping.  On another occasion, Burchfield invited a boy to come to his house to mow his lawn and while there, he dared the boy to jump into his pool naked, which the boy did for a $20 bribe.  There are also texts where Burchfield asked at least two boys for pictures of their genitals.  That’s some great Christian behavior there, isn’t it?

Officials say they haven’t found evidence that anything physical actually took place between Burchfield and the boys, although they are continuing to investigate.  They do say that they believe he was grooming them for more, maybe he had another “man journey” he wanted to take them on.

I always find it funny how many men in the ministry get caught with their hands… well, you know.  What is it about the ministry that draws in child molesters in such great numbers?  Why does it take so long for these people to get caught?  We know in the case of the Catholics, the church actively protects them, but what about Protestant religions?  Does the same thing happen there?  I guess we’ll have to keep watching Horror Show Sunday to find out, won’t we?


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