Horror Show Monday: Not Too Different

A church pastor in Wimauma, Florida was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy at a hunting ranch in Manatee County.  Police started investigating Juan Jose Gomez, pastor of Iglesia De Dios Church, following reports that he had molested a minor male that he was acquainted with at the ranch.

Now you might say hey, he just so happened to be a pastor, he got caught with a boy, it happens, right?  But now, other victims are coming forward, making this look like a much more serious crime.  Prosecutors in Manatee County have confirmed that they intend to file charges that would increase the potential penalty to life in prison.  That’s no small change.

The case started as a religious camping trip that Gomez took the teen on, where he reportedly attacked and raped the boy. Whether this is something he intended to do from the start or whether it was just something that “happened” without prior planning is currently unknown, but with the revelation that said boy, unnamed because of his age, is not the only victim, it seems unlikely that Gomez just had a bad day and “accidentally” raped the kid.

What I find funny is that Gomez was quoted in a story in  the Tampa Bay Times back in 2007 about Catholics losing membership to Protestant churches.  Gomez said Protestants don’t attack Catholics, they just worship differently.  Apparently not too differently, eh?

But hey, what can you expect to find on Horror Show Monday?  More pastors with their pants around their ankles because they think being God’s mouthpiece makes them special.  Hopefully this guy goes away for a very long time and other religious leaders learn a lesson.  They won’t, of course, the number of religious molestation stories that come out prove that nobody ever learns and nobody ever thinks they’re going to get caught, but we can always hope, can’t we?


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