Police: To Serve And Protect

This showed up on my radar a while back, where the LAPD said they need more officers to protect people and, predictably, lots of people, particularly on the left, started whining that the police weren’t protecting them and they were expected to protect themselves.

Well duh!

The police do not protect people.  They never have.  It’s not their job.  Police exist to enforce the law.  They are reactive, not proactive.  They respond when something has already happened, they can’t come arrest someone before they commit a criminal act.  They can arrest someone who assaults you, they cannot arrest someone who simply thinks about assaulting you. That’s thought crime and we don’t have that, thank goodness.

But these people seem to have a very bizarre view of the function of police.  They seem to think that the police are there to keep them safe so nothing bad ever happens in the first place.  That view is not only entirely unrealistic, it’s downright stupid.  But what can you expect from the idiots who have no concept of personal responsibility?

It is nobody’s job to take care of you but you.  You are responsible for your own safety.  You are responsible for reducing your chances of falling victim to violent crime.  You are responsible for reducing your chances of falling victim to non-violent crime. It’s all on you, baby, nobody else.  Welcome to reality.

When did we lose this view in society that it is other people’s jobs to take care of us and not our own?  People don’t want to learn how to drive, they want gadgets in their car to protect them from harm.  They want police to stop crime before it happens. They want the banks to catch identity theft before it occurs.  They just don’t want to be inconvenienced by anything negative but it’s all someone else’s job to catch, never their own.

I weep for humanity some days, I really do.


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