Shifting the Goal Posts on Education

Education is a  subject near and dear to my heart, I think it is essential to a successful society to have its members well educated and knowledgeable of reality.  However, liberals want more, especially when it comes to the poor.  A self-professed liberal recently started ranting that we needed to achieve “equality” in education by funding poor schools exactly the same as rich schools so that poor students would have “equal opportunity” to get learn and get out of poverty.

Sure, in theory that sounds great, but the problem is not that they have no opportunity to learn, it’s that they have no interest in learning. These kids exist within a ghetto culture that actively discourages learning, becoming a productive citizen and being self-sufficient.  There is nothing the schools can do with students who are disruptive and haven’t the slightest interest in learning anything because they figure Uncle Sam is going to send them a check every month.  No, according to the liberal, these schools need more money!

Right up until we pointed out that in California, schools aren’t funded by property taxes, all of that money is sent to Sacramento and it funds every public school, regardless of where it is, exactly the same.  Poor schools get exactly the same amount of money as schools in well-off neighborhoods.  There is no disparity in funding, but in poor neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the high school graduation rate is still only 62.7%.  Nearly 40% of students drop out of school.  The difference has to be somewhere else. Now for a rational person, you might think that would stop them in their tracks, but not for liberals.  Oh no.  Then he started saying that these poor schools needed *MORE* money!  More money for counselors.  More money for bi-lingual teachers. More money for security.  Just more money in general.  Why?  Because liberals only think in terms of throwing money at problems.  If it isn’t working, send more cash!  So now instead of demanding equality, he wanted superiority.  Superior funding for poor schools!  Screw equality, just throw money at the problem!

But the schools aren’t the problem.  They are just an easy target to blame for the problem that liberals don’t want to address, that being the ridiculous culture that has grown up in the inner city, where education is disregarded, where responsibility is ignored, where kids are encouraged to join gangs and use drugs and commit crimes because prison is the expectation, not the exception.  It’s normal for girls to have children out of wedlock long before they reach adulthood  and often end up with multiple children with multiple men, sitting on the government dole because none of those men ever hang around, nor are they expected to.  You have uneducated parents half-heartedly raising uneducated children, all of them with their hands out to the government for a paycheck and liberals are ignoring that and blaming the schools for not magically making these kids want to learn.  Of course they don’t want to learn, everything in their lives outside of that school is telling them not to bother!  That’s the problem!

So I went ahead and pointed all of this out, again, to our intrepid liberal, pointed out the hypocrisy of wanting more funding in an “equal” system, and he’s changed his tune once again.  Now the problem is “too complex” to be discussed in a forum, that people just “don’t understand” what he’s trying to get at so he won’t bother trying.  But he’s right, oh yes, he’s right, he just can’t explain why he’s right.  He just knows that there’s nothing wrong with the ghetto culture because being against anyone’s culture is a mortal sin in liberal-speak.  He doesn’t dare even consider that possibility.  It’s easier to just point fingers at easy targets than consider the actual truth, that these people live in a failed culture  and that serious issue needs to be addressed.

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