The Natural Rights Idiots Are Back

I’ve been able to successfully avoid the crazy libertarians for a while, but I stumbled back into the fray, with crazed fanatics demanding that “natural rights” are real and therefore, their imaginary rights are being infringed upon. You know, those rights they can’t actually show are real?  Yeah, those rights.

But where do they come from?  Well, like the religious, they have no answer, they just assume that they do.  That is exactly why I compare the libertarians to the religious.  They both take concepts that they have an emotional attachment to.  They both pretend that because they are attached to them, that makes them real.  They both follow the appeal to authority, either listening to an ancient book of mythology or old philosophers and politicians as their “justification” and because they now feel justified, they base their entire philosophical position on the “fact” that they were right all along.  Of course that ignores the fact that they have never validated their initial assumption in the first place but they don’t let that stop them.

That’s a problem for anyone who actually cares about logic and reason, which apparently, these idiots do not.  I’m not saying they can’t want whatever they want.  They can say they want a magical unicorn for all I care.  It’s when you start saying that you actually have a magical unicorn without being able to trot it out that I become concerned.  These fools are claiming, entirely without evidence, with just a bunch of hand-waving, that said natural rights actually exist.  That is not sufficient to show that they really do.

Of course they don’t really care.  They only care that it makes them feel good, just like the religious.  So long as it satisfies that emotional itch they have, they’ll grab on tight and never let go.  But I actually care if the things I believe are factually true, not just emotionally convenient.  The second  you open your mouth and start making claims, you’ve gone beyond the right to believe whatever load of bullshit you want in your own head to making claims that you rationally need to justify.  Again, to compare the libertarians to the religious, both sides have tried to say “oh, it’s just my belief!”  Nope, not since you’ve been stating it as fact it isn’t.  It’s now a claim and claims need to be supported.  Get to work.

It’s enough to make you beat your head on a wall.

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