Stop Being Black Men

Spike Lee is boycotting the Academy Awards because he’s mad that the awards are not being given away along racial lines. He’s not alone, Jada Pinkett Smith is doing it as well.  I suppose that the Oscars will have to stumble along without them because there’s something they entirely miss.  Maybe, just maybe, the good movies this year were dominated by white people?  Did they ever give that one a thought?  Of course they didn’t.

Now I can’t say for sure that this was a statement by Lee, although it came from a radio news report on this whole debacle so it probably was, but he wants black men to be proud of being black men. Presumably, he also wants black women to be proud to be black women, but hey, this could be sexist as well as racist, who knows?  How about you stop being proud of being black.  Honestly, how about you stop being proud of being men.  Just be decent people.  Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so because lots of people see skin color as something to take pride in.  Well, black skin, maybe brown skin, perhaps yellow skin and red skin, if you want to attach arbitrary colors to such things.  White skin, no, you can never be proud of that! That’s racist!  But it’s just stupid.  Why in the world would you take pride in something that is entirely an accident of birth? What purpose does being proud of your skin color or your hair color or your eye color or your height serve?  Isn’t it the quality of your character and not the conditions of your birth that make you a worthwhile person?  Not to crazy racist liberals, I guess.

But for these people who see race in everything, then spend all their time pointing fingers at everyone else and screaming racism, I guess we can expect no better.  The Academy Awards, indeed any award show, isn’t about equal outcome and political correctness, it’s about recognizing excellence in performance among actors and other technical individuals in the movie industry.  If black people don’t win more awards, maybe it’s because they aren’t in good movies or don’t turn in memorable performances.  But no, that couldn’t be it, it has to be racism!  By all means, if Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith want more black actors and actresses to win awards, they can join the Academy, they can cast their votes like everyone else and see how things go.  There is a process, but the members are expected to vote on merit, not skin color, and it’s clear that some people are incapable of doing so.  It’s racists screaming about racism.  Hope they enjoy sitting home on their proud black asses while everyone else has fun on the red carpet.

2 thoughts on “Stop Being Black Men

  1. The selections don't have a lot to do with the caliber of movie they actors were in, as they get nominated on individual performances. There are lousy black movies, there are lousy white movies, and all in between.
    You probably don't see racism in this because you don't have the historical context. The academy is made up of white men deciding on these movie selections if and when they even watch the movies. There need not be a black actor chosen for the sake of being black; but you're being a tad intellectually dishonest if you think the make up of the Academy has nothing to do with their views on choosing. If you feel that higher black participation in the academy could render different results, then you're already conceding that race is a factor in the selections.

    1. There isn't a "historical context". The Academy chooses movies made this year. What was made last year or ten years ago or 50 years ago is irrelevant. And no, the academy is not made up of white men, it is made up of people working within the industry who can be sponsored for membership by two existing members. Anyone who works within the industry can join.

      And no, I'm not saying higher black participation would make a difference, I don't think it ought to matter at all what the skin color of the winners is. It doesn't matter to me, it shouldn't matter to you. If it does matter to you, you're racist. That's a problem.

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