Theists Don’t Know What Evidence Is

Honestly, the religious really are stupid.  Have you ever asked a theist for evidence for the existence of their god and they will throw all kinds of entirely unrelated nonsense at you that really has nothing to do with what you asked for?  It’s happened a lot lately, I think they realize they have nothing at all to offer but they have to do something or look like complete fools.

One Mormon, responding to my request, claimed that the Book of Mormon mentioned the Egyptian name Ammon a lot. Ammon is the most common ancient Egyptian name.  Therefore… GOD!  Uh… what?  Yeah, it is as stupid as it sounds.  The problem is, that isn’t answering the question that was asked at all.  Even if you are going to say that something gave Joseph Smith that information, how do you know it was God?  How do you know it wasn’t aliens or something else?  Leprechauns perhaps?  I’m asking about the existence of God and unless you can draw a direct and demonstrable causal link between God and your supposed event, you’re not addressing the question one bit.

I suspect that theists understand this, consciously or otherwise, and are simply trying to avoid looking foolish when they have nothing at all to present.  Instead, they make claims that have nothing at all to do with the existence of God and just make an irrational leap from that claim to God being real.  They also don’t like having this pointed out, as our Mormon friend did. The second I didn’t take his argument about the Book of Mormon seriously, he got pissy and took a quick powder, tossing some insults along behind him.  Apologists hate being caught with their theological pants down, I guess.  You either get unrelated arguments or the claim that if you can’t prove them wrong, they don’t have to prove themselves right.

It’s times like this that I shake my head, chuckle to myself and leave them to their self-imposed ignorance, knowing that everyone watching is either equally as deluded as they are, or has realized that their emperor is standing stark naked.  Either way, I win.

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