Horror Show Sunday: Kidnapping for Suicide

If you can’t recruit ’em, kidnap ’em!  That’s apparently what those fun-loving scamps at ISIL think as they kidnapped nearly 200 children from Mosul, Iraq, to train them as militants and use them as suicide bombers in their religious crusade to take over the world for their particular brand of Islam.

“During the past few days, ISIS militants kidnapped 182 children from the city of Mosul. The children were transferred to centers for ideological training, weapons and suicide operations,” Saeed Mamouzini, representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said as quoted by the local Iraqi news.  These children reportedly ranged in age from 10-15

A scene captured from an ISIL video purportedly shows a child, recruited by the terrorist group, who is about to behead a Syrian officer.

This is, however, not a new thing.  Officials estimate that ISIL has abducted more than 1500 children from the Mosul area since they captured the city in 2014.  ISIL has released videos of children and teenagers executing captured enemy soldiers and we’ve found that they are training children to kill by showing them gruesome videos of executions in their training camps.  The extremist group is also currently recruiting teenagers and children in the areas under its control in Syria and Iraq by offering them gifts or threatening and brainwashing them.  What is it that the Catholics say?   “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.”  I guess ISIL is starting a little older than that but getting just as much bang for their buck.

They really are a loveable bunch, aren’t they?  Such perfect representatives of the Muslim faith!  When these radicals aren’t shooting up schools and murdering children, they’re capturing them, brainwashing them and teaching them to kill.  And American liberals say we’re not allowed to criticize these animals because… reasons.

So again, we have religion, that supposed religion of peace, Islam, ruining the lives of innocent children in their rabid campaign of destruction against the “infidels”.  And people wonder why they spend so much time on Horror Show Sunday?

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