Musings on Iran and Hypocrisy

This week, at least this week as I write this, there’s a huge bruhaha going on, especially on the right, about Iran taking custody of 10 U.S. sailors after their ship underwent mechanical problems in Iranian territorial waters.  Of course, Iran immediately said that the sailors were treated well and would be returned promptly, and after less than 24 hours, they were sent on their way home, but never let a minor event not be an opportunity to attack Obama or anything, which is exactly what the idiots on the far right did.

They started screaming that Iran was taking advantage of the U.S. because of Obama’s weak leadership.  Now I’m no fan of Obama, I think he’s a complete asshole, but come on, let’s try to be realistic here.  Iran didn’t arrest American sailors and throw them into captivity without charges or trial for over a decade or anything.  Who has done that?  Oh wait, AMERICA HAS!  But no, they don’t talk about that, do they?  What’s really going on here is an irrational hate-on for Iran and for Obama as well. They don’t care if it makes any sense, they just waste no opportunity to attack either and impugn the motives of either because both must be mustache-twirling evil.  These people are idiots.

One only has to listen to our now-defunct podcast in recent months to see my views on the irrational hatred of Iran.  They’re not nice by any means but they’re sure a lot better than some of our so-called “friends” and “allies” in the Middle East.  You know, like Saudi Arabia, who actively hates the U.S., supplied the vast majority of the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, and routinely engage in horrific crimes against humanity, yet America supported them to head the U.S. council on human rights. Yeah, those people.  The only reason we do it is because they have oil and are strategically located.  They are animals, only a few steps below ISIS, yet they’re our bestest buds.

So anyhow, our sailors are now on their way home without incident but the crazies on the right are still whining about how horrible it is, yet if we had done the same thing with an Iranian boat, we sure wouldn’t have let them go in a day, we’d have thrown them into some dark prison somewhere, assuming they had to be spying on us.  Americans are hypocrites and that goes for both the left and right wing.  Before we start casting aspersions on the actions of other nations, how about we take a good look at our own and see what we’re doing wrong?

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