Horror Show Sunday: Doing It Again For God

Jules Anderson, Jr., 56, bishop of the Israelite Divine Spiritual Church #2 in Four Corners, Louisiana, got arrested for attempting lewd acts with a teenage boy.  Again.  For the second time in three months.  Something tells me this guy has a serious problem.

But no, he wants to build what he describes as the “Universal Mission Dream Center”, which he says is “a place of nourishment for the spirit, mind, and body for the betterment of heart and soul of all men and women, young and old. Today, we have a lot of talk about change needed; people are hurting, angry, confused. Many people are searching for direction and solutions for how to make a difference, to better themselves, their community, and their families.”

Sure pal, what direction are you searching for?  The fastest path into some boy’s pants?  It’s funny,  but if you look at the pitch for the Center, he says, “I have been sharing the love of Christ and ministering the importance of relationship with Jesus Christ for many years. Recently, I have received a vision from God to begin a nonprofit institution purposed to serve the community of Franklin, LA.”  Yeah, I don’t think it’s Jesus that you’re looking for a relationship with.

It’s shameful how many of these pedophile men of God there are out there and for every one that they catch, you can be sure that another dozen slip through the cracks.  But this guy has been released on $150,000 bail, I wonder if he’s going to go after some other innocent kid before he gets to trial?  These people need help, but they are surrounded by fawning sycophants who tell them they can do no wrong, even after they are found in a car trying to get into a kid’s underwear.  So far as I can tell, he’s still the head of  the church and nobody has voted to throw his pedophile ass to the curb.

But if they did, we wouldn’t have so much material for Horror Show Sunday, would we?


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