Name-Calling for the Win!

I think it’s funny how many people think that just calling someone else a name will make whatever point they were making just go away.  I’ll point out that the religious have no justification for their religious beliefs, that they have no evidence for their gods and their supernatural claims disintegrate under even the most cursory evaluation and instead of either admitting that simple fact or trying to defend their views, what do they do?

They call me names and they pretend that somehow, that makes my points vanish.

Well news-flash for you people, calling me a name for pointing out the failures of your beliefs is ridiculous.  Telling me that I’m a big mean poopie-pants doesn’t change the fact that you believe things for which you can present no objective evidence.  If it makes you feel better, that’s pretty pathetic , but it doesn’t change reality.

But really, what else do these people have?  They can’t actually compete in the rational court of ideas, they can’t demonstrate that anything they believe is actually true in factual reality, they can only keep repeating their irrational dogma and whenever anyone calls them on their theological bullshit, they can break down and cry and complain that someone hurt their precious little feelings and now they’re going to hold their breath until they turn blue.  Is this honestly the best that any of these people can do?  Are they so emotionally stunted that they can’t see how utterly pathetic that is?  The idea that their emotional comfort trumps all else really is sad, but it’s also commonplace today.  People think they have a right to be happy every second of every day and if anyone ever says anything that discourages them, they don’t reconsider their own positions, they just get mad. They can never be wrong.  They can never be unhappy.  They can only flail back pathetically and pull childish playground tactics because there’s no way that anything could ever not make them ecstatic.  What a truly pathetic world we live in today.

If the positions you take and the things you believe cannot stand up to evaluation, then you need to re-evaluate the things that you believe and the positions that you take.  Throwing a hissy-fit and pouting and flinging insults is a truly immature thing to do, but lots of people live their lives on the lower end of the maturity scale.  Whether it’s the feminists screaming “misogynist!” every time someone calls them on their factually incorrect bullshit, whether it’s a theist yelling “bigot!”  because you mention that their beliefs are absurd, screaming names has taken the place of intellectual debate for a lot of people and they’re just not bright, or mature enough to realize how harmful what they’re doing is to their position.

But they don’t care, do they?  For them, rampant emotionalism is all and facts?  Facts are for chumps.

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