Should Trump Apologize?

There has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding Donald Trump. but perhaps no more recently than after a Muslim woman was ejected from a rally for wearing a yellow star reminiscent of the stars Nazis made the Jews wear in Germany. She was not disruptive, but she was there to insult Trump and his people threw her out and now, lots of liberals are demanding that Trump issue an apology to her for some unknown reason.

See, here’s the thing.  Political rallies are private events.  They are not public venues.  They are paid for by the candidates and their supporters. Therefore, the candidates have every right to decide who can be there and who cannot.  If someone showed up to a Hillary rally wearing a t-shirt showing Bill Clinton getting a blowjob, I’d expect that person to be removed, whether they were otherwise disruptive or not.  Her rally, her decision.  Trump’s rally, Trump’s decision.  If this lady wanted to make a political statement, she is welcome to do so on public, not private property.  I think this is something that a lot of people misunderstand.  Free speech does not guarantee you a platform to pontificate from.  Private property and private functions can toss you out on your ass for almost any reason they want. Whether you think this particular person deserved to be thrown out is entirely up to you but it still remains the choice of Trump and his people and you have absolutely zero say.  Make up your own mind when you’re paying for a rally, not until.  These rallies, indeed all political rallies, exist for supporters, not for detractors.  This shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

Therefore, I hope Trump doesn’t issue an apology.  The woman is welcome to have whatever views she wants and to support or decry any candidates she wants, but the candidates have no obligation to her as an individual and if she does something she should have known would get her thrown out, as she should have known in this case, then she got what she deserves, just as the Bill blowjob shirt would have done.  Should that person hypothetically get an apology from Hillary for trying to derail her rally? Hell no.  So let’s not play double standards here.

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