Horror Show Sunday: Failure to Fast

Hey, as long as we’re talking about Islam, let’s keep the ball rolling and watch ISIS dish out some more “justice”, this time to 74 children for not fasting enough.  To date, the caliphate has put more than 3000 people to death for crimes against their religion, including practicing magic, blasphemy and not starving themselves during Ramadan. There is no way you can possibly say that the last one has nothing to do with their religion, no matter how hard you try.

Recently, two children were crucified in the Mayadin, Deir Ezzor province in eastern Syria.  ISIS hung them up with signs identifying their crimes, not fasting during the holy month, and paraded their bodies around the streets.

“Underlying all these executions is the apocalypse ideology of the final battle between the believers and the unbelievers,” said Jasmine Opperman, the director of Southern Africa Operations at the Terrorism, Research & Analysis Consortium. “ISIS is using executions to show its followers — and would-be followers — that the group is the only true representative of believers, not only in word, but action, which is why executions are featured so prominently.”

“The violent Islamist group appears to demonstrate a particular interest in children, releasing videos of children fighting in cages and undertaking military training,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group said. “The report also details moves undertaken by the group to entice children to join, which include setting up offices called “cubs of the caliphate” that recruit children to fight for ISIS.”

According to ISIS, anything that goes against their very strict interpretation of Islam is heretical and thus punishable by death. But they have a religion of peace, really!  On June 30, 11 workers from al-Miadin endured live crucifixion and were forced to wear signs saying “70 lashes and to be crucified for 1 day for breaking the fast in Ramadan.”  I guess they can be thankful they’re alive.  They must have been men, women and children don’t get such favorable treatment.

Honestly, isn’t it about time we stop pretending that these religious animals deserve any respect whatsoever and go kill every single one of them?  It might keep my long, long, long list of horrors for Horror Show Sunday down to something reasonable.

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