Lazy People Piss Me Off

I recently ran into someone I used to work with about 7-8 years ago.  He spent almost the entire time we were talking complaining how unfair his work was, that he could never get into management, that he could never move up the ladder, but I already knew why that was.  It wasn’t because he was stupid, it wasn’t because he was incompetent, it was because he is completely lazy, just as he was when he worked for me.

But he won’t acknowledge it and he certainly won’t change it, he just expects to be able to get where he wants to go without the hard work required to get there.  As I said, I worked with him for a significant amount of time and every time his yearly review came up, he got the same suggestions for improvement.  Work harder.  Be more responsible.  Care what’s going on around you. And at the end of every year, he failed to meet any of those metrics.  He did the absolute minimum he could to get by, he essentially punched a clock and did no more, even though I could see that he had the potential to do better, he had no interest in doing better and that’s why he languished in relative obscurity then, and from what he says, continues to do so today.

Now I don’t want to turn this into a political thing, except to say that so much of this goes to the core of my conservative values, that hard work, personal responsibility and not pointing fingers directly contribute to your success.  All of the people I hire, I hire for those values.  I don’t hire place holders.  I don’t hire warm bodies.  I hire people who are hungry and want to continually improve themselves and who are never happy where they are, they want to move up the ladder.  Just as a note, I didn’t hire this guy, that was my predecessor, I just got rid of him when it became painfully obvious he had no interest in actually working for a living and apparently, still doesn’t.

I certainly don’t want to toot my own horn, but I work harder than anyone else under me.  It’s Tuesday as I write this and even though I’m on salary and it doesn’t really count, I’ve already put in 3-4 hours extra this week over what I projected, just because things needed to get done.  Did I have to?  No.  Did I want to?  Not really.  Was it necessary?  Yes, so it got done.  Do I complain about it?  Absolutely not.  That’s the kind of attitude that gets you ahead and keeps you ahead and that’s the kind of attitude I want to see in my employees.  I want all of them after my job.  I want all of them qualified to do my job.  If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I want to have someone that can replace me.  Heck, I want a dozen someone’s who can replace me and I want all of them to have the same attitude about people below them.  Hire and train your own replacements so that when you move up, you don’t have to worry.  I don’t get people who aren’t interested in doing that and even when given the opportunity to learn, just don’t want to.

I guess in the end, this is just a rant.  I see so many people who endlessly complain that they can’t get anywhere and I can tell them exactly why.  They don’t want to work hard.  They don’t want to put in the time and effort.  They are always looking for the easy way out and when opportunity comes their way and it requires hard work, they ignore it and continue to complain that they never get ahead.  Like I said, I don’t want to attach any politics to this, it’s more of a philosophy thing and unfortunately, the philosophy of a lot of people, especially their work ethic, downright sucks.


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