Assholes at McDonalds

I don’t know what it is about the local McDonalds, but every single time I swing by there in the morning to grab myself some breakfast, invariably I wind up sitting near some wingnut religious asshole who, in an extremely loud voice that everyone in the place can hear, pontificates to his friend about how rotten America is and how religion is all that we need to make it great again. Today, some gray-haired old shit was whining that America was a godless communist country that needs God and we should, get this, execute all atheists before God punishes us all.  It was all I could do not to stand up and cuss this fucking prick out, I ended up grabbing the rest of my food and leaving before I started an incident.

A couple of weeks prior, after dropping my car off at the dealership, which is across the street, I got some other asshat describing anyone who doesn’t buy into his particular  brand of fundamentalist Christianity as “serving Satan”.  I wouldn’t say, because I don’t go to McDonalds for breakfast very often, but I seem to be batting 100 on the religious asshole-o-meter recently.  I can’t recall any other group in any other restaurant being loud and obnoxious, just the hyper-religious pricks and just McDonalds.

So what gives?  Is there an invisible sign outside that says “Assholes Welcome”?  Can’t I enjoy my Deluxe Breakfast in peace without having some loud-mouthed jerk ruining it?  What the hell is up with this?

I guess my question is, does anyone else notice these things?  Do you get accosted by religious windbags while you’re trying to enjoy a quiet meal?  Is there some kind of pattern, or is it just my local Mickey D’s?  Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen anything similar.  I’m actually kind of curious.

One thought on “Assholes at McDonalds”

  1. Accosted? Feeling a little victimized are you? Based on what you described you were not accosted by anyone. To be accosted those assholes as you called them would have had to have actually approached you and directed their comments directly at you. Sounds to me that you were simply describing a situation where you overheard or were listening in on the conversation of others. You are not accosted when people are having a conversation about a topic that irritates you but is not directed at you. So you can stop playing the victim.

    A little annoyed are you with the free speech clause of the First Amendment? Part of the price of Free Speech is putting up with people saying things and speaking about topics with which you disagree, that irritate the hell out of you, that are stupid, etc., etc. Since these conversations bother you so much what solution would you prefer to protect you against further exposure to such irritating discussions?

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