Horror Show Sunday: Acid Attacks Again

The more things change, the more they stay the  same.  Yes, this is hardly the first story of this kind that I’ve  done on Horror Show Sunday, but you’d think that someone would get the message and force these religious animals to knock it off but it never happens.  In Kabul, Afghanistan, attackers on a motorcycle threw acid the faces of three girls on the way to school.  Their crime? Going to school, of course.  There goes that religion of peace again!

Two of the girls were reported in critical condition and taken to Noor hospital in Herat city.  The third was moved by her parents elsewhere.  All of them will be scarred for life and be unable to live normal lives.

Can anyone say they are surprised by this?  I know that I can’t.

But the one thing I always wonder is where are the liberal voices decrying these events?  I don’t see them, and the ones that I do see never mention Islam, the religion, as the cause.  It’s always the culture!  But that ignores the fact that the culture and the religion are one and the same.  In Islam, the religion is all, it colors and poisons every single aspect of life.  Muslim extremism isn’t just cultural, it is, by definition, religious and the left doesn’t have the balls to acknowledge that.  That kind of thing pisses me off, maybe even more than these constant attacks on Islamic women.

So the next time this happens, and invariably it will, some crazed Muslim radical will blow up a school, or shoot a girl for wanting an education, or splash acid in their faces for daring to want to be more than slaves, and the left doesn’t rise up in anger against them because they are practicing Islam, don’t be surprised.  It’s just the way the left operates.  It’s sad, it’s pathetic, but it is to be expected.


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