What Happened to the Podcast?

Yeah, I know it was sudden and I wanted to take a minute to discuss what happened to the podcast.  As anyone who has listened of late knows, we’ve missed quite a few shows due to scheduling conflicts, technical difficulties and honestly, just not having the time to devote to the project that it really needs.

Unfortunately, my free time pretty much evaporated a couple of months ago.  We used to record on Wednesday afternoons, that gave me all night Wednesday, plus whatever time I needed on Thursday to get the podcast edited and uploaded for release on Friday morning.  But lately, Wednesdays have been packed for me so we’ve had to record on Thursday and if something goes wrong, as has happened an unfortunate number of times, I have no buffer for getting it done on time.  One week, Google Drive kept timing out and Charles couldn’t upload his half of the audio.  It only takes a couple of hours delay to make it impossible to get done on time. Then he has things he has to do, I have things I have to do, and with Christmas on the horizon and we knew that we couldn’t possibly do a show either Christmas week or New Year’s week, it just became obvious, once scheduling conflicts once again kept us from getting a show recorded the week prior, that it would  be a full month between shows and January wasn’t looking any better, that this just wasn’t working anymore.

And that gets frustrating and I don’t want to be frustrated.  I want to have a good time doing the podcast and it was becoming more of a chore, something I had to rush through to get it up by the deadline.  So much of my online presence has suffered lately because of lack of time.  I started out putting up 3 YouTube videos a week.  Then two.  Now it’s down to one and even that is sometimes a challenge, but it is easier to do YouTube videos than it is to spend 2-3 hours recording a podcast and 3-4 hours editing it.  I could make half a dozen videos in that time.  The only reason this blog has kept up is because I was so absurdly far ahead on posts, but even that lead time has diminished.  I went from a full month of posts finished to barely a week, again, that makes me frustrated and I hate being frustrated.

So we decided to be honest with our listeners and cut it.  It isn’t fair to people who look forward to the podcast, it isn’t fair to us to keep struggling to produce a show that neither of us has time for and, to be perfectly honest, we’ve said just about all there is to say on the subjects we typically cover.  How many times can you say “oh look, the GOP sucks!” or “oh look, the Muslims are killing people again!”?  It starts to sound like a broken record.  I think that 30 episodes for the second season, 106 episodes in all is a healthy number and if we decide that we want to come back for a third season once things calm down, then certainly we can do that.  I’m not adverse to it, I just want to get back to enjoying the process rather than stressing about deadlines. If we’re not having fun, the podcast won’t be fun for anyone and who wants that?

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