The Religious Horror Show Roundup

Just a quick note, but since I had a little extra time this week, I went through and updated my Religious Horror Show page. I hadn’t done it for about 2.5 months, I just haven’t had time, but as I was doing so, it seemed to me that every single year, my list keeps getting longer and longer.  I went and counted the number of stories that I’ve done and geez, it’s really ridiculous.

Here’s the breakdown:

2012:  12 stories (which I only started in October, so I can understand that)

2013:  52 stories (one a week)

2014:  64 stories (I started doing week-long marathons)

2015:  78 stories (multiple week-long marathons)

I had already thought if starting to do these marathons every other months, at the moment I have more than 60 stories on tap and I need to use them up.  If I do that, 2016 will have more than 90 stories.  That is going to make up just under half of all stories that I do.  And people dare to say that religion doesn’t harm anyone?  Seriously?

Now I’m depressed.

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