Horror Show Tuesday: Closer My Balls to Thee

You’re not going to catch me doing this, but in India, 400 men, followers of multi-millionaire religious guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, cut off their own testicles in an attempt to get closer to God.  Well yeah, if you bleed to death, you might get closer to “God”, but that’s about it.

To date, only one of the men has come forward, saying that he felt that he would be ostracized if he did not perform the “operation” demanded by his guru. Navkiran Singh, the man’s lawyer, said “They were told that only those who get castrated will be able to meet God.”  It should be noted that apparently, Ram Rahim himself is not castrated, which ought to tell you something.

This is actually an old story, happening in 2000 at a hospital run by Ram Rahim Singh, but it is only coming to light today.

This is, of course, not the first time that Ram Rahim has had a run in with the police.  In 2002, he was accused of the murder of an investigative journalist who was looking into Rahim’s cult, and also accused by several female members of rape, although he has never been charged.  He’s been under long-term investigation by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation for various criminal activities but they have not acted, mostly because Rahim wields so much power.  He has over 50 million believers worldwide.

In India, being a guru is big business.  Political candidates can get a big boost in the polls just by being supported by a famous guru.  Many are virtually untouchable by the authorities no matter what they do, even though there has been more of an attempt of late to go after those who have been accused of rape, murder, theft and other crimes.  Hopefully, as India continues to advance, these backwoods gurus will get what’s coming to them.  That’s why I talk about them on Horror Show Tuesday.

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