Horror Show Sunday: Leave the House and Fry!

As long as we’re talking about Islam and burns, try this one on for size.  In Pakistan, a man is charged with lighting his wife on fire in an honor killing for daring to leave the house without permission.  Muhammad Siddique flew into a rage when he found that his wife, Shabana Bibi, had gone to visit her sister without consulting him first.  Siddique and his father beat Bibi, dumped gasoline on her and lit her ablaze in Central Pakistan’s Muzaffargarh district.  The couple had been married for three years, during which time, Bibi had suffered repeated beatings because they were unable to conceive children.  Bibi’s burns covered 80% of her body and she died of her injuries at the hospital.  I guess we can be thankful they bothered to take her to the hospital, rather than just throwing her burned body in a ditch somewhere.

“We have arrested the husband and father-in-law of the deceased woman and charged them for murder and terrorism,” said district police chief Rai Zameer-ul-Haq.  A local charity which tries to defend women against such “honor” killings, reports that more than 3,000 women have died, killed by their own families for “dishonoring” them, since 2008.  The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said honor killings in Pakistan rose 15 percent in 2014 since the previous year. Many honor killings go unreported, so the percentage may actually be higher in reality.  Honor killings have been illegal in Pakistan since 2004, and while that might sound like a good thing, keep in mind this is just 11 years ago that they bothered to outlaw murdering people for “honor”.

But in this case, as with many others, the victims are often disregarded as perpetrators.  All it takes is three supposed eyewitnesses who will come forward and swear on the Qur’an that the victim killed themselves.  That means we’re supposed to believe that the victim beat herself up, poured gasoline on herself and purposely immolated herself.  That’s stupid, but that’s how Islamic “justice” often works.

I really don’t know what else to say in this case.  It is completely reprehensible that anyone would murder another person because your religion says you own them and they must never dishonor you. Yet there are far too many cases of this on Horror Show Sunday and I see no reason to believe it will stop any time soon.  Religion doesn’t hurt anyone?  Tell that to Shabana Bibi.

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