Horror Show Saturday: Toss ’em Overboard

Well, as we wind down to an end for 2015, I realize that I have way too many Horror Show Sunday stories on my hands, a mere 63 in the queue as I write this, and therefore, it’s time to fill the lull between Christmas and New Years with a whole week of horrors done in the name of religion.

This time out, we look at the plight of refugees from the Middle East as they fight to get across the Mediterranean to Europe. Not all of them made it in one piece, not because of bad weather, rough seas or malnutrition.  No, 12 Christians didn’t make it because Muslims threw them overboard because they refused to pray to Allah.

Italian patrols picked up more than 10,000 refugees who were fleeing oppression and war in Africa,  but that war and oppression came along with the hyper-religious Muslims who insisted that “Here, we only pray to Allah” before throwing Christians out of the boat.  What nice guys these Muslims are.

Following the attack, eyewitnesses claim that the Muslims went mad, screaming “Allah is great!” and attacking anyone who defended the Christians.  Others in the boat joined arms and formed a human blockade to avoid being similarly thrown overboard until they could be picked up by Italian rescuers.  15 Muslims on the boat were arrested for the murders, including Ousmane Camar from the Ivory Coast, who was identified by a bite mark on his toe, suffered when one of the men thrown overboard had bit him in an attempt to remain on the boat.

Many other refugees were burned in a gas explosion that happened in Libya, but were forced onto the boats without any medical attention.

Now it’s bad enough to be forced into a deflating dinghy by men with guns in the first place, but then to be thrown overboard because you’re bowing down to the wrong imaginary friend in the sky?  That’s just reprehensible, but that’s religion, isn’t it? It’s a good way to start off the final week of the year, as Horror Show Saturday shows, religion harms everyone, even those already suffering.

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