Horror Show Sunday: Demons Don’t Eat

Aracely Meza, 49, church vice president of the Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey church near Dallas, Texas, and self-proclaimed prophet who routinely communicates directly with God, was arrested and charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury by omission. She and other pastors at the church are charged with keeping a 2-year old child captive and starving him because they were convinced that he was possessed by a demon.  The boy was reportedly given water several times per day, but had been kept without food for 25 days before he died of malnutrition.  A church member reportedly had tried to feed the boy, but was reprimanded and told not to give him any food.

Following the boy’s death, Meza performed a ceremony trying to bring him back to life.  A video of the ceremony exists, in which Meza holds the boy and says, in Spanish, “in the name of Jesus, I’m utilizing this oil to try to get him back to life” and commands him to rise from the dead.

When authorities tried to get the boy’s body for an autopsy, they found that the parents, who were not Meza and her husband who was pastor of the “church”, had taken his body back to Mexico.  The “church” was run out of the Meza’s home and was unlicensed.  In fact, police were unaware that the “church” existed until this incident, although authorities were called to the home previously and several children under ten who were apparently living there were removed by Child Protective Services. According to neighbors, the children also did not belong to Meza, but had been taken off the streets of Mexico.  It is unknown the circumstances of these children.  Another neighbor reported that cars would line the streets on Saturday and Sunday nights and believed that the Meza’s were charging people at the door to attend.

This is, unfortunately, not uncommon in the world of underground religion near the border.  Mexican immigrants, many of them illegal, will attend these back yard churches and because their congregants are largely here illegally, calling the authorities is hard to do.  Add in a lot of primitive religious beliefs and it’s not hard to imagine these kinds of deaths and injuries arising from superstitious practices.  If you’ve read Horror Show Sunday for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ll be well aware of the death, pain and suffering that religion causes, just because religion is involved.


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