Millennials Don’t Value Free Speech

I guess we shouldn’t be at all surprised,  especially in light of the recent posts I’ve done on modern college education and the demands that free speech be squelched, but now it’s official, a recent study has shown that 40% of millennials, people aged 18-34, actually support the government censoring things that they think are offensive.  That is a dramatic increase over just the next closest age group at 27%.

And of  course, if you look at the graph on the right, you’ll see that the majority of people who think that are Democrat, so don’t anyone go telling me that it’s all the crazy ultra-right religious morons.  It’s you liberals.  Deal with it.

It’s no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket with people rejecting all of the things this nation was founded upon.  Freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, all conservative values are now being thrown out the window by a bunch of idiot liberals who would rather trade freedom for comfort.  Ben Franklin had it right way back when.

But of course, nobody even knows who Benjamin Franklin is anymore.  He was a rich white man and the far left hates those rich white men, especially the ones who founded this country.  All the wisdom they had, well, gets ignored because modern liberal political ideology demands it and that’s just sad.

So let’s look at our graph, shall we?  It’s mostly young people on the left.  It’s more women than men and more minorities than whites.  You know, the liberals.  The feminists.  The very same people that I complain about constantly.  The people who have gone so far to the left that they’ve come out on the extreme right.  And while I’ve been complaining about these people from a conservative perspective, we’re now seeing more and more people on the moderate left that are starting to notice that there are crazy people in their own camp, just as there are crazy people on the conservative side.  We all have to be careful of these crazies in our midst, people who do not have anyone’s best interests at heart but their own, mostly because they’re young, selfish and, let’s be honest, pretty damn stupid.  We all have to band together, Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative, male and female, black and white, rich and poor, to defeat these people because if we don’t, if we just turn a blind eye and let them continue to ruin the country that we’ve worked towards for hundreds of years, we’ll all regret it when it’s gone and it’s an Orwellian nightmare.

5 thoughts on “Millennials Don’t Value Free Speech”

  1. "It’s no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket…"

    Now you sound like one of those religious loons you are always criticizing. This is the kind of thing they are always saying, It is no more true when you say it than it is when the religious loons say it. Whether the nation is in dire straights is a subjective value judgement. You certainly have offered no argument with empirical data of any kind that makes an objective case that the nation is "going to hell in a hand basket."

  2. "….all conservative values are now being thrown out the window by a bunch of idiot liberals who would rather trade freedom for comfort."

    You are now engaging in historical revisionism, the kind of thing that I am sure you find objectionable when christians ike David Barton do it. This nation was not founded on conservative values. There was nothing at all conservative about our act of revolution against the British crown. Our revolution was very much a break with conservatism.

  3. "But of course, nobody even knows who Benjamin Franklin is anymore."

    Upon what data or evidence are you basing this claim? I very much doubt this is correct. I have no doubt that many of the Founding Fathers are not well known, or known at all, by large numbers of U.S. citizens. Examples would probably include Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Robert Morris, John Dickinson, Elbridge Gerry, George Mason, John Rutledge, etc. But I am very doubtful that Benjamin Franklin is one of them. The least you can do when you make such questionable claims is provide evidence as to the truth of the claim. And if you cannot provide evidence to support such claims then the rational thing to do is to not make the claim.

  4. The headline you chose to write for this piece is misleading. Though a greater portion of millennials than Generation X or Baby Boomers support supressing some speech, the total percentage (40) is not a majority of that demographic. While 4 in 10 millennials support government supression of offensive speech, this means that 6 in 10 do not. Also, note that overall a mere 28 percent of the population agree with government suppression of offensive speech. So while we should be concerned about this, free speech is not threatened to the degree that your alarmist rant here would suggest.

  5. "It’s more women than men and more minorities than whites. You know, the liberals. The feminists."

    You have not established that the women and minorities referenced in this study are all liberals, Obviously, from the total data set, it is obvious that some fraction of these women and minorities are not liberals. Some fraction of the women are not feminists. Yet you choose language that frames it as if it is only liberals who fall into these demographic groups.

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